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One of the most precious things in life happened to Steve and I towards the end of last year and as you can imagine, it was something that we wanted to document as much as we could. Having Madison is the best thing that has ever happened to us and capturing those incredible moments that will most likely never happen again has been pretty much the number one priority for us (you know, besides keeping the tiny human alive). Because it’s only ever been just me and I live at home, I’ve never been a huge collector or printer of my photos, I just take them and they live on my phone forever. Now that we’ve got Madison though, these are the photo memories that we want to keep and show off around our house and so I’ve been loving the idea of getting some good quality photos printed. Of course, we don’t have our own house yet, we still live with my parents, so these will all mostly be in our bedroom for now, but I am loving collecting them for when we do eventually have our own place.

photo memories

For this blog post I have worked with Cheerz who have very kindly gifted me all of these pieces and I have been so amazed by the quality of them. I have ordered from photo printing websites before and in all honesty I’ve not been impressed, which is why I think I’ve never thought much more about it since, but the quality of Cheerz has been insane and I’ve already decided to order from them for all of my photo printing needs in the future.

As far as photo memories go for Madison’s life so far, I have to say there has been one photo that has always stuck in my mind and that is one that we had professionally taken when she was just 4 days old. Originally I wanted this on a canvas  (the entire reason we paid the extortionate price for the .jpeg of the photo) but when it came to uploading it onto Cheerz the image didn’t quite work with the set sizes they offer. I have to say that’s the only thing that I was a little disappointed with; the sizes of canvas and framed photos are limited to only a few options. When I originally chose this in a canvas option, I was told it wasn’t doable for the quality. Cheerz let you know whether a print will work or whether it will be pixilated which is really handy because I would have been devastated if it had not turned out how I had wanted it. Steve and I eventually chose to go with the larger framed photo with a black frame and I am obsessed. I just think her little squishy baby toes are the cutest things ever and this photo will forever have my whole heart. The quality as I have already mentioned is amazing and I think this will be perfect to hang in our lounge (when we finally get a house!). A framed photo like this starts from just £38!

photo memories photo memories

The next framed photo we got, again with a black frame (I just love the contrast and have gone off of that all-white-life) was a picture that if you’ve seen my Instagram, you’ll know wasn’t one of my favourite when we first had it done. I had never liked the idea of doing a pregnancy shoot but we were kindly gifted a 3-part session at my baby shower and the first part was a pregnancy shoot which I actually only semi-liked one photo from. Since having Madison though it’s one of those lasting memories which I really want to cherish and I am so glad that we captured it. My pregnancy is something that I didn’t necessarily like and didn’t enjoy and so to capture a precious memory like this and to now really love the image of our little family in the calm-before-the-storm, it’s become a really important and special photo to me. I am obsessed with the size of this too and it’s one that I can’t wait to get put up in our future bedroom.

photo memories photo memories photo memories

The canvas that we did decide to choose is this gorgeous photo of our daughter when she was 4 days old. The same as the photo above, it was part of her newborn shoot which I loved doing. Personally, I didn’t like the people who did our shoots for these photos, I thought for the price of them, there were only a handful of photos that were any good, but the couple that we did end up choosing have become my favourites of her. This canvas is Steve’s favourite photo and that’s why we chose to get this one printed. There are two canvas sizes that you can choose from and we diced to go for the square for this one and again the quality is great. I’ve had a few canvases printed / gifted to me from friends and family and this one from Cheerz is far and above the best quality I’ve ever seen. I don’t know where this one will go in our house as we obviously haven’t got one yet ha! But I love it! Canvas prints like this one start from just £29!

Lastly I thought the best way to keep our lasting memories would be to create a photobook of Madison as she’s grown throughout the last 11 months. A photobook is not something I’ve ever thought of creating, as I do prefer the look of a home-made photo scrapbook (which I am also making) but since I had the opportunity to work with Cheerz I thought I would make the most of it and create one. This has been my favourite project and I hope to make more over the next couple of years of her life as the photo memories we’ll get from these are endless and I feel they’ll be something we can get out to look through in years to come. The photos in these are really quite personal so I’m not going to be sharing too much of it, but there were so many options available when making this book that whatever layout you’re looking for, there’s going to be something for you! Photo books start from £22 which is definitely amazing value!

I’ve loved working with Cheerz on these gifted pieces and am really looking forward to creating more photo memories with my gorgeous little family this Summer so that I have more photos I can print soon! When we get a house I know that Cheerz will be my go-to place for prints, canvases and of course more photo books as Madison grows older. The service that Cheerz offers is amazing and all of the pieces arrived separately as they were ready and really well packaged so they didn’t get damaged.


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This post is NOT sponsored however I was kindly gifted some credit to spend on the Cheerz website in exchange for a review post of their products and service. All opinions are my own and you can read more in my disclaimer.