Christmas Gift Guide FOR HER 2017

It’s come to that time of year again where all anyone can think about is Christmas. I’ve been holding off for so long on thinking about the big day but with a baby girl who’s about to experience her first ever Christmas it hasn’t taken me too long to get into the Christmas Spirit. Even my Dad has joined in on the fun early this year and has been playing Christmas songs for the last two weeks! So without further ado, what else is there to do but to share with you my top Christmas gift picks in this year’s Christmas Gift Guide For Her? It’s a bit of a long one so grab a cuppa and a note pad and get yourself ready!

christmas gift guide for her

Gifts Under £20

Stocking fillers are my favourite kinds of gifts to buy and for this year’s Christmas Gift Guide For Her, I’ve picked out some of the best beauty (and other) gifts going for under £20. I honestly think gifts under £20 are some of the best value for money too when it comes to beauty and home wear so hopefully you’ll love these ones as much as me! There’s a lot of these in my Christmas Gift Guide for Her so get your notepad at the ready!

christmas gift guide for her christmas gift guide for herchristmas gift guide for her

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Hair care – £5-8

If there’s one thing I really love receiving at Christmas it’s shampoo and conditioner. Yes, it’s something I could buy myself any other day but there’s just something nice about receiving it as a present and especially when it’s a little more luxurious than your usual everyday purchases. The Palmers Coconut Formula haircare range includes a strengthening conditioner, cleansing shampoo and Zero-Break reconstructor plus other bits to take care of your hair! Unfortunately, I’m allergic to coconut so these will be off to my Sister as part of her present but I’m a massive fan of other Palmers hair ranges and these make a great stocking filler!

Sleek Matte Me Must Haves Gift Set – £6.

A must have (haha) for fans of the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams, filled with four of their best selling lip cream minis. At £6 this is a great stocking filler. Colours are: Birthday Suit, Velvet Slipper, Rioja Red, Old Hollywood. Either give this as a whole gift or split it up to make little bundles for your friends!

Ghost The Fragrance 10ml Mini Gift Set – £8

For any lover of the classic Ghost fragrances this one is definitely a great one to hang on the Christmas tree / pop in their stocking. This gift set comes with a mini pink nail polish too – I mean, who doesn’t love a gift perfect for pampering yourself before a night out!?

Ghost Dream 10ml Mini Gift Set – £8

The 10ml Dream Fragrance and mini nail polish set is perfect for someone always on the go for a hand bag or travel essential! Similar to the above Ghost 10ml set this little gift would look great hanging on the tree or for a little gift to a friend.

Next Face Mask Set of 3 – £8

An absolute bargain at £8 this face mask set is great for treating someone to an at-home pamper! Including three face masks (Up-lifiting Moisturising, Calming and Detox) these would be the perfect stocking filler for any lady in your life or even as a main present for the quality!

christmas gift guide for herchristmas gift guide for her

Margaret Dabbs Small Nail and Cuticle Oil – £12

Coming all the way from one of London’s finest hand and nail spas this Margaret Dabbs Small Nail and Cuticle Serum is perfect for any nail lover. Although I don’t take too much pride in my nails now I have barely any time and a three month old to take care of this serum has definitely been doing the work for me to ensure my nails are still fighting fit! This little ornament makes such a cute gift too.

L’Occitane Shea Bauble – £12

Filled with one of L’Occitane’s popular scents Shea, this bauble contains three mini products including hand cream, soap and moisturiser. It’s a great way to introduce a friend to the brand and as it’s such a gorgeous bauble this’ll look fab on the tree too!

Next Just Pink 100ml Fragrance Gift Set – £12

This fragrance is absolutely beautiful; I’m actually a huge fan of Next fragrances and this one in particular is one of my faves and an absolute gem of a deal at £12 for 150ml with a 100ml body lotion!

Lee Stafford Tangle Terminator – £12.99

I know something like a hairbrush doesn’t seem like a Christmas present but for a stocking filler, a decent hairbrush like the Lee Stafford Tangle Terminator would be great for any girl! I know for a fact that my hair brushes are like gold to me and when you find one you love that doesn’t rip half of your hair out every time you brush, you’ve got a keeper! The Tangle Terminator is a great brush with flex technology to be extra kind on the hair and massage the scalp as you go!

Moroccan Oil 25ml Ornament – £13.50.

For the most luxurious hair treatment ever (that I’ve tried) this ornament is a cute little gift for any girl who loves looking after her hair. With Moroccan Oil being more of a luxurious brand and item, this 25ml bottle is perfect gesture gift or stocking filler.

Gloss Contour Kit – £14

Another gem from Boots 3 for 2 on Gifts, this Contour Kit from Gloss is a great gift for any beauty lover or as an introduction to makeup or contouring. For £14 you get a 6 powder contour kit and 3 great brushes which look great quality for how little they cost. Gloss is a brand I haven’t heard much about before but after trying the powders out they seem like a great set that build up really nicely.

christmas gift guide for her

Bronnley Fragranced Soap and Talc Gift Set – £15

The perfect gift for my Nan this year (a) because she absolutely adores Bronnley and (b) because she loves talc, is the Fragranced Soap and Talc gift set from Bronnley. At just £15 this set is perfect for any lady who loves to feel fancy with her smellies and I mean, who doesn’t love a good Talc? Including two 100g triple milled soaps and a full size (100g) bottle of scented talc in a beautiful rose and musk scent this gift box is great for Christmas.

Joan Collins I am Woman Fragrance 12ml – £15

At 12ml you wouldn’t usually think of this as a Christmas present but for a lovely travel mini in a gorgeous bottle the Joan Collins perfume is a great little gift for any lady in your life. I personally love the scent of this as it’s a little citrusy and with such a gorgeous bottle even for a tiny amount at £15 this is a great little gift.




christmas gift guide for her

christmas gift guide for her

Next Heart Shaped Crumble Dish and Custard Jug – £16

Not your traditional Christmas gift and for my Christmas Gift Guide for Her it wasn’t something I’d be looking to add, but now that Steve and I are looking to get our own home, little home comfort gifts like this are perfect for us. Especially for this Christmas ready to save up for when we finally move into our own place. I am a massive fan of baking and this dish is super cute for the kind of decor I’d like in our home. Next always smash it with these kind of homey gifts and I can’t wait to get in there for more when we start moving! At £16 for a gift like this too you can’t really lose!

Nügg Lip Treatment set – £17.99

For someone who hates chapped lips, this set has been perfect for me! With two different lip treatments to really get your lips in shape throughout the Winter months this is the perfect luxury gift set for anyone who really appreciates smooth, kissable (or lipstick ready) lips for Christmas. Containing a gorgeous cocoa butter lip exfoliator sugar scrub and a coconut oil lip mask whoever you give this gift to will have perfect lips in no time! They’re also Vegan!

Lucy Mecklenburgh Hydration Station Gift set – £18

As you’ll all know I am a massive fan of Lucy and her workout brand Results with Lucy   and when I heard that this year she was brining out a fitness related gifting range for Boots I got really excited! With prices ranging from £6-£25 there’s a gift for everyone and for fitness lovers they’re perfect! In the Hydration Station gift set you get a water bottle, soothing body lotion, cooling body spray and a lip balm and in other sets you also have bits such as sports socks, gym totes and shower gels!

Personalised Rose Gold Trinket Box – £19.99

There’s not really anything that impresses me more at Christmas than something that’s personalised and this personalised Rose Gold Glass Trinket box from PrezzyBox has to be one of my favourites this year. I don’t have many items of jewellery but the pieces I do have are pretty special to me and this is the perfect place for me to keep them in. A personalised gift really shows someone you’ve thought of them and a practical one like this just makes the gift even better.

Sleek Party Prep Essentials Brush Collection – £20

Bang on the £20 budget mark, no Christmas Gift Guide for Her would be complete without some makeup brushes, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love some new brushes for Christmas?! The Sleek Brush Collection comes with no less than 4 amazing brushes and a brush holder perfect for any makeup lover.


christmas gift guide for her christmas gift guide for her

Gifts Under £50

Heading up the price range now the next set of gifts are between the £20 and £50 price marks – a gift for a slightly more special someone in your life or a family member perhaps?

christmas gift guide for her christmas gift guide for her

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Fragrance Gift Set – £23

As a huge Ari fan myself I have to say I’d be pretty happy to receive this gift set on Christmas Day. Including a 30ml of the Sweet Like Candy fragrance and 100ml body lotion this set is great for any perfume lover or fan of Ariana herself. As it sounds this scent is quite sweet but even at 23 I love the smell of it!

L’Occitane Festive Crackers collection – £25

Having a dinner party for a few of your girlfriends or have a couple of friends to get gifts for? This set of 3 crackers from L’Occitane is the perfect set to get for just that! With three mini’s inside each cracker, it’s the perfect little gift for someone sweet this Christmas and for just £25 for the three it’s a no brainer really! Separate them for individual gifts or keep the set together for a lover of all things L’Occitane, either way, the recipient(s) will be delighted.

Grace Cole Festive Travel Set – £25

Complete with a gorgeous faux leather travel bag the Grace Cole Nectarine Blossom and Grapefruit travel set is a luxurious bathing gift to give this Christmas to any lady in your life. There isn’t a woman around (I don’t think) who doesn’t appreciate some smellies at Christmas and with a set as gorgeous as this you can’t go wrong. This set contains a luxury size 300ml Body Lotion and Shower Gel in the beautiful Nectarine Blossom and Grapefruit scent along with a body puff. The quality and feel of this set shouts luxury and for £25 is the perfect gift.

Sleek Makeup Bring On The Night – £30

Year round Sleek Makeup are one of my favourite high street brands and with this beautiful collection set only £30 (and in Boots’ 3 for 2) you can’t really go wrong here. Perfect for any girl who loves makeup this collection contains one of their highly loved i-Divine eyeshadow palettes, their coveted Solstice Highlighting palette (a blogger’s dream) and a blush palette. Perfect for all of those Christmas / New Year’s parties!

MoroccanOil and Candle Gift set – £32.85

A little pricier but all in all a great gift for a beauty lover who takes pride in their hair and loves a good pamper! For the price of 100ml MoroccanOil Original Hair Treatment you also get a gorgeous scented candle which makes a great little gift set for anyone who likes to indulge in their hair.

Joules Wellies – £49.50

I’m not going to lie I’ve probably wanted a pair of these wellies for around half of my adult life. I love the sophisticated look they have and now that I have a baby, these are perfect with some skinny jeans and a big coat for winter walks with the Pram – obviously that’s not the only use for them, but these are a pretty special present for the lady in your life who is in need of a snazzy pair of wellies (or a new pair). Joules is a loved and trusted brand and these can be purchased from Amara.

christmas gift guide for her

christmas gift guide for her

Special Gifts (Over £50)

The perfect gift for the perfect lady in your life! These next gifts are over £50 but well worth the buck and I’ve even included some discount codes for you in this year’s Christmas Gift Guide for Her (YOU ARE WELCOME).

christmas gift guide for her christmas gift guide for her

Magnitone Blend Up! Vibra-Sonic Makeup Brush – £70 (10% off code throughout December with Beky10)

The best makeup brush since sliced bread (you get the idea) – the Vibra-sonic makeup brush from Magnitone is the best thing I’ve ever used to blend out my cream contour  (I’ve talked more about it in this blog post.) It’s vibra-sonic technology is unlike anything I’ve used before and for makeup application it’s a pretty nifty piece of kit. Any beauty and makeup enthusiast will be ecstatic to receive this on Christmas Day!

Magnitone Barefaced Metalic Limited Edition – £90 (10% off code throughout December with Beky10)

Having talked about the Magnitone Barefaced on my Blog for some time now there should be no surprise that I’ve added this into this year’s Christmas Gift Guide for Her once again. You can read so much more as to why I love this brush for an everyday exfoliation in this blog post, but as a quick roundup this electronic cleansing brush has changed the game for me when it comes to cleansing. It digs deep to remove dirt from your skin and cleanse your pores with vibra-sonic technology and I cannot recommend them enough!

Sudio Sweden Active Earphones – £79 (15% off with code bekylou15)

One of the best presents (as a gym lover) that I could ask for are wireless headphones that won’t fall out every five seconds. Jumping around doing squats and lunge jumps isn’t easy when you’re concentrating on keeping your headphones in and with the Tre earphones from Sudio Sweden, that’s no longer an issue. These have such a great battery life and with a great sound quality too, there’s no competition when choosing a present to the active woman in your life!

Image Christmas Beauty Collection – £99 (call 0345 504 0461 to find your nearest stockist).

If you’re looking for a beauty lover in your life and are looking to spend a little more for a quality gift then look no further than the Christmas Beauty Collection from Image Skincare, filled with The Max Stem Cell Facial Cleanser, Vital C Hydrating anti-ageing serum, Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser and I-Mask Bio-molecular anti-ageing radiance mask it has everything for looking after your skin and is the perfect gift for this Christmas! I’ll be giving this one to my Mum this year as she loves anything keeping her look younger! (spoiler alert Mum).

christmas gift guide for her

I really hope you’ve enjoyed my Christmas Gift Guide for Her 2017 and hope it helped you in some way for the ladies in your life! Stay tuned for my Christmas Gift Guides for Him and Baby coming later this week and check out last year’s Christmas Gift Guides For Her for even more inspiration!



christmas gift guide for her

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