Newborn Look Book; First Week in Baby Outfits (from Next)

I know it’s silly to say but when Steven and I were finding out whether we were having a little boy or girl one of the reasons I wanted to have a baby girl was because of the clothes. Of course, there were many other reasons as to why I wanted a little mini-me but dressing my little girl in the cutest baby outfits around was definitely up there. I’ve always wanted a baby girl and the fact that the clothes available at the moment for babies are extra adorable was just the icing on the cake when we were told we were having a little princess. As I’ve enjoyed dressing her so much over the past couple of weeks (since I’ve actually started dressing her in ‘proper’ baby outfits instead of just baby grows) I thought today I would share with you a couple of my favourites.

(Some of these baby outfits have been kindly gifted to me by Next – however some have also been gifts from friends / bought by myself. This post is not sponsored).

Day 1

baby outfits baby outfits baby outfits baby outfits baby outfits baby outfits

This gorgeous Next outfit above was kindly sent as a gift for Madison from Chloe at LadyWrites  and I am absolutely obsessed with it! I know it’s a bit stereotypical to dress a baby girl in pink, but I personally love her in it and this soft pink jumper is bloomin’ gorgeous on her. I love the cloud embroidery on the front with the cute little smile and the matching grey and white cloud leggings are a really lovely finish to the outfit. The Jumper has two buttons on the shoulder which makes getting this over Madison’s head that little bit easier and as you can imagine with a newborn making things easier is one of the main priorities in life now; especially when it comes to getting things over her head! The little grey spotty socks are also from Next (I think – I can’t quite remember as they’re not in stock anymore) and I just can’t get over how teeny they are! This set is available from Next for £13.

Day 2

baby outfitsbaby outfitsbaby outfits

Disney was always going to be a huge theme throughout Madison’s wardrobe as both Steve and I are huge fans and when I saw this tee on the Next website I couldn’t resist it! It’s perfect for the style of Disney I love and looks so gorgeous with these denim style leggings which have the cutest cat face detailing on the bum! These came in a set of two with a pair of floral green leggings which I also love, but for this outfit, the denim ones were definitely my favourite! This outfit was kindly sent to us from Next. You can find similar tops from Next starting at £3 and similar leggings starting at £8.

Day 3

baby outfits baby outfits baby outfits


Another Disney focused outfit for day 3! This Minnie Mouse Jumper was one that I just couldn’t resist when out shopping when I was pregnant. Although this is a little on the larger side for 0-3 I absolutely love it and think it looks gorgeous with these Ralph Lauren white leggings (which I totally bought brand new at a car boot for 50p – bargain!) and these fluffy white and pink socks from Sainsbury’s! Next are killing it with their Disney pieces at the moment and this Jumper (along with a pair of Minnie Mouse white Jogging bottoms that I’ve also bought) is one of my favourites. You can get similar Jumpers from Next starting at around £12.

Day 4

baby outfits baby outfits baby outfitsbaby outfits

The last outfit of the week (because we had a lazy day on the Friday and stayed in our PJ’s / baby grow all day) is this pink romper and bodysuit set with the cutest Piglet socks. I must admit I wasn’t a huge fan of this set at first as I think on the hanger it does look a bit old-fashioned but when Madison’s wearing it I think it’s one of the cutest baby outfits I’ve seen her wear so far. I love the different pink shades and just how sweet she looks in it – Next really know how to do baby clothes! I also love how it has pockets – completely useless but the extra detail just makes this outfit even better. The Piglet socks were a gift from Auntie Rhi Rhi (also known as one of my oldest friends) and are from the Disney store; I know the pink of the socks doesn’t quite match the outfit but *wait for it* – they’re just so flippin’ cute!! This romper set was gifted to us by Next and you can find similar ones starting at £13.

Thank you so much to Next who have gifted us some of these pieces and also to everyone who’s bought Madison a gift. I can’t wait to do more of these types of posts as I love dressing Madison in different clothes – I’d love to know if this is the kind of post you’d like more of! And also if you have any favourite shops to get baby outfits from?! You can find more of my baby related posts in the parenting section of my blog!


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  1. November 4, 2017 / 1:34 pm

    Girls clothes are so cute and I love the pics of her in the outfit I sent you guys! She looks adorable x

    • beky
      November 4, 2017 / 2:27 pm

      Yay!! thank you so much for the outfit we absolutely love it! I don’t want her to grow out of it !! xx