5 Beauty Tools I can’t live without

Beauty tools I can't live without Beauty tools I can't live without

Much like many other beauty bloggers and lovers in this world, when it comes to beauty tools and accessories I definitely have my favourites that make beauty time that little bit easier. Application is effortless and less time consuming, my skin is cared for in the best ways and most importantly of all, my beauty sleep is more achievable – even with a 1 month old baby! My beauty tools are sometimes even more sacred to me than the beauty products themselves and today I wanted to share them with you.

One of my most sacred beauty tools at the moment is my Magnitone Barefaced electronic cleansing brush and although I’ve spoken about it before, I’ve been loving it so much over the last year that I just had to talk about it again. My skincare routine is pretty extensive and has been for quite some time now but sometimes it just wasn’t enough to properly cleanse my skin and dig deep to properly remove all of the dirt clogging my pores. When I first began using the Barefaced I could really feel the difference in my skin, the vibra-sonic technology of the brush really helped give my skin an extra exfoliation which it desperately needed! The initial use really helped clear my skin and although I broke out the morning after, once those spots cleared up and I continued to use the Barefaced as part of my morning routine the amount of blemishes I got after were definitely minimised. Although I love exfoliators and do regularly still use different micro-bead products to give my skin a fresh cleanse, using the Magnitone Barefaced is always my go-to for my morning face wash at the moment. Being fully waterproof, the Magnitone Barefaced makes jumping in the shower in the morning and cleansing my face whilst in there so much easier. I love how much of a deep clean my skin is getting and the results really do speak for themselves. I do take a break from using this every now and again for a couple of days at a time if my skin starts getting too dry in areas as I don’t want to over do it, but every time I start using it again my skin almost instantly starts clearing up again! The Magnitone Barefaced is available for £70.

Coming a close second to the Magnitone Barefaced and actually related to it, the second beauty tool that I couldn’t live without are the separate cleansing brush heads that you can get for it. Sold separately on their site, the different heads are great for all skin types and when changed as needed they really can make all of the difference. With the Barefaced when first purchased you get the standard Active Clean heads which are great for all skin types and daily facial cleansing and makeup removal and although I don’t use mine for removing my makeup, they are the ones I use as standard for my daily exfoliate and cleanse in the morning. The heads that I alternate between for different skin days are the Pore Perfection and Silk Bliss heads. The Pore Perfection heads are great for preventing breakouts and controlling blemishes which is the perfect kind of brush head for me around that time of the month and the Silk Bliss head is great for when I have dry skin days as it’s designed for deep skin hydration. As I have combination skin, both of these heads are perfect to make sure that my skin gets the best care throughout every skin day and as they’re easy to interchange there’s no added hassle to my skincare routine! The Magnitone Replacement Heads are available for £16-£20 for a pack of two.

Sleeping is one of the most sacred things of all to me at the moment better than any beauty products or beauty tools out there and as getting sleep with a 5 week old baby is near on impossible (although she is pretty good with her night time sleep routine at the moment) having disrupted sleep is not my thing and I am knackered most of the time. That’s why my eye mask is another one of my beauty tools that I love to have around. I don’t always wear it, so it’s not technically something I couldn’t live without but one the days where getting myself to sleep seems almost impossible I love popping it on to block everything out so that I can focus on sleeping instead of the world outside. Probably one of the cheapest beauty tools in this post or even that I own as I got the one above free when I purchased a L’Oreal Mascara, but definitely one of my favourite accessories for making sure I get my beauty sleep!

My MAC 217 makeup brush has to hands down be my favourite brush out there, so much so that I actually have three of them. As expensive as they are I just can’t get enough of them; they’re the perfect all-rounder brush when it comes to the eye looks that I like to create. The fluffiness of the bristles creates the best brush for blending shadows together or across the lid and for most of my makeup looks this is the brush I always turn to. The MAC 217 washes extremely well with my beloved baby shampoo even when full of the darkest of pigments and is just genuinely my favourite brush around. Yes, you could argue that there are cheaper alternatives out there from the likes of Morphe, but even if I did have a couple of those, I’d still be ever faithful to my one true love of a brush! The MAC 217 is available for £21.

Another must have of mine and a product that at the moment I most definitely couldn’t live without is the Magnitone Wipe Out Cleansing Cloths. These micro-fibre cloths are some of my favourite beauty tools around as with just the addition of hot water they easily remove makeup within seconds. Even on a full face of makeup these cloths can really grab hold of any little bits, waterproof mascara and all and leave your fresh looking fresh as ever. I’ve been using mine for weeks now and even more so now that I have a little baby to look after and not much time to myself for a pampering! Gone are the days of a long intense skincare routine and now I use the bare minimum to make sure my skin is properly cared for. The Magnitone Wipe Out cleansing cloths are step 1 of my minimal routine now and make makeup removal so much easier. What’s even better is that these babies are machine washable, last up to a 1000 uses each (but who’s counting?) and you get two in a pack! The Magnitone Wipe Out Cloths are available for £15 for a pack of two or £7.99 for one.

What are your essential, can’t-live-without-them beauty tools? I’d love to know in the comments!


5 beauty tools i can't live without


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