How to get an Illuminated Base with e.l.f Cosmetics

When the return of e.l.f (makeup brand Eyes Lips Face) was announced for the UK beauty market I, like a lot of other beauty bloggers, was pretty excited to see what they would be bringing with them. A couple of years back e.l.f was pretty hot on the UK market but with it being quite difficult to get a hold of only being available online and in a single store in Cardiff (that I’m aware of) it’s no surprise that eventually it disappeared from our sights. Coming back with a vengeance though, e.l.f Cosmetics  have returned to the UK high street this year and are much more accessible to us beauty lovers now  that they’re available at Superdrug and with the amazing prices that e.l.f have to offer, that’s pretty much music to my ears!

Illuminating my base when applying my makeup is always important to me; whether I’m in a bit of a rush or have an hour or so to sit and apply my makeup, making sure my base is perfect and bright is one of my main priorities. Skincare is always a massive part of brightening my face but one product I’ve been using a lot recently to enhance the glow has been e.l.f’s Natural Glow Lotion which has been amazing. It’s a lightweight moisturiser which features micro shimmering pearls that make it a perfect illuminating product. Aptly named, the glow lotion is all I’ve been using underneath my usual primer and foundation recently to give a slight illuminated look to my base and even on days where I don’t wear much makeup, I’ve loved using this to give myself more of a healthy glow to my skin. As it’s such a lightweight moisturiser it also doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything extra under your makeup and as a lady who likes a rather light makeup application this is one of the biggest selling points of this product for me. The Natural Glow Lotion brightens my makeup from within the base and sets it up perfectly for the next couple of products to really make my face glow.

For a natural highlight around areas of my face such as the inner corners of my eyes, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupid’s bow I’ve been really enjoying using the e.l.f Targeted Natural Glow Sticks. Easy to apply, these pen-like highlighting sticks are great for a precise application. I’ve been using the shade Pink Pearl Glow to enhance my features as I mentioned above and have been really liking the effect that it gives. Along with the next product I want to talk about, these sticks have been great for helping to illuminate my base even more and highlight the areas I want to give a bit more attention to. I have to admit that they’re not the best in terms of a blinding highlight and blending them out does tend to dull the shine a little bit, but when applied to the face directly and patted slightly to remove the harsh edges the highlight does come across beautifully.

The e.l.f baked highlighting powder is another product that I’ve been really liking for illuminating my base; unfortunately it’s not that powerful on it’s own, but with a little setting spray on your brush this highlight does look beautiful applied to the skin. It’s not too overwhelming so if you like a heavy highlight then you would probably need to either build this up or apply another product such as the Natural Glow Sticks I mentioned above underneath to try and build up the intensity, but for a natural glow it does give a lovely dusting of shine where the light hits your face. I’ve been using this more for an all over glow with a little setting spray on my brush to gently cover areas such as my forehead and cheeks and then going in with one of my other slightly more intense highlighters for the usual glow that I love.

Although these products haven’t blown my mind like I thought they would from the hype that e.l.f has gotten, I have still been pretty impressed with the overall look I’ve managed to achieve with them. I wouldn’t solely use the baked highlighter on it’s own as my main highlight as it does need a lot of work to get the pay off that I usually like, but the Natural Glow Lotion is definitely one that I’ll keep using on the daily to boost my skin’s radiance. Have you ever tried any products from e.l.f before? What do you make of their products?



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