Primark PINK; Their most Aesthetically pleasing range to date, but do they work?

As you can all imagine I got pretty damn excited when this package from Primark arrived in the post for me. A Pink makeup range like this is surely enough to get any beauty bloggers hearts racing?! Being an extremely affordable range the PS Pink range at Primark is one that many of us have been wanting to try out for a while and especially for me, I’ve wanted to know just how good it really is. 

If you’ve read some of my recent posts, you’ll know that the Primark Bronze Eyeshadow Palette compared to the Urban Decay Naked Palette really well for  me; I was super impressed and loved the pigmentation and buttery feel to the shadows, however unfortunately I can’t quite hype up the Primak Eye Candy palette quite as much. Having tried this a couple of times since receiving this I have to say I just haven’t been that impressed. The shades are gorgeous and with a little setting spray really do stay put on your lids all day, but in terms of the initial application and the shadows themselves, I’m just not a happy bunny. It really pains me to say this as I loved loved loved the Bronze Palette so much and was really impressed with the formulation but for this Pink range, it’s just not up to scratch.  The shades are absolutely beautiful but the pigmentation really isn’t there with these ones. As you can tell from the images above, the palette is pretty pastel but unfortunately the colour just doesn’t come through when brushed onto the eyes. One in particular that I was the most disappointed in was the deep purple on the bottom right as this took quite a lot of build up to even get near the shade showed in the pan. Although disappointing as dry shadows I have to say a little spritz of water on the brush and these do apply a lot better wet and obviously then produce a lot less kick back than they do as powders. It’s not all doom and gloom for the rest of the Ps Pink range though as if you read on you’ll see how I’ve been loving lots more of the collection!

One set of products I have been impressed with has been the Ps… Chick Flick felt tip liners. Now, I’m not usually a girl who wears liquid eyeliners (let alone a white one) but these have been pretty fun to play around with the past couple of weeks and have actually been really good. Still no master of the cat-eye flick, I’ve been using the black felt tip liner to subtly line my upper lashes most days I’ve been wearing my makeup and I’ve been really enjoying it. It’s not really something I think I’ll continue to do regularly as lets be honesty, I cannot be bothered to do that every day (I am really not good at a precise line at all) but for when I do want a bit of a lined look, this is definitely the pen I think I’ll be reaching for in the future. The nib on both the black and white pens is really well defined and is great for getting that perfect line and unlike some other felt tip liners I’ve tried, it so far doesn’t seem to fray at all. I really have no idea if anyone will get that analogy or not, but you know when you get those annoying bits that come away and make extra mess on your eyes? Yeah. It doesn’t do that! The longevity of the Ps… Chick Flick liner is also pretty decent for a pen so cheap. They both don’t smudge or bleed onto the skin and the black one especially has a pretty good lasting power – even when it comes to me rubbing my eyes. Of course, it’s not invincible and does eventually start to fade, but compared to others I’ve tried that are priced way higher, this one is definitely good competition and does last a fair way through the day. The white pen is a little different and as you can imagine for such a light colour does fade a little easier than the black but considering how inexpensive these pens are, I’ve been extremely impressed with this one. The colour is really opaque and needs no building up to create the pigment you desire; I’ve been wearing this on the outer corner of my bottom lashes to define my eyes a little more and make them look a little bigger and have been loving the effect! 

The Ps… Cotton Candy face palette was one that I honestly wasn’t that keen on when it first arrived. The packaging and overall feel and look of it felt a lot cheaper than the rest of the collection and I just didn’t get the same vibes from it as I did from the other products. The line “never judge a book by it’s cover” is well and truly in play here though as the products within this palette are some of my favourites form the Primark Beauty Pink collection. Containing two ‘face powders’ (highlight/blush shades), three eye shadows and a lip cream, this palette is actually really worth the tiny £5 price tag and although the packaging isn’t fantastic and wouldn’t be any good for travelling with, it’s definitely one to look out for when you’re next in store. The lip cream is pretty small at just under 5ml but is bloomin’ gorgeous! I received a blush nude shade and it is honestly the perfect everyday colour for me. Having never tried a cream product before, I can’t compare this to any others, but for me I feel like this is everything I’d want in a lip cream; it feels so lovely and velvety on the lips and almost has a powder-dry finish without being dry at all. It glides on and lasts well before needing a top up (although wasn’t so great with eating or transferring onto a mug or something). The highlighting powders in this palette were two that I didn’t think would be much cop at all if I’m honest, but again as Primark Beauty has done so many times recently, I was pretty impressed with them. The pink champagne and slightly more traditionally champagne coloured highlighters are bloody beautiful and look so nice on the face; they’re not the most pigmented and honestly work so much better with a slightly wet brush, but stippled onto the tops of your cheeks they look beautiful and catch the light really nicely and naturally. I have loved stippling on the pink champagne highlight for an almost two-in-one blush & highlight combo and have really liked the affect of it. Lastly from this palette are the three eyeshadows which I have to say seem to be a lot better quality than those in the Eye Candy palette I spoke about above. They’re a lot more buttery and definitely don’t kick up anywhere near as much shadow as the Eye Candy ones do and even though they’re still not quite as pigmented as the Bronze and Eyeshadow palette from Primark, they definitely pack a bit more punch than I thought they would. Although it doesn’t look like much at all, this palette is something you should keep an eye out for, for sure.

Last but not least in my Primark Beauty Pink range review are two different types of lip products, the first of which being the stunning matte lipsticks you can see in the images below. First of all: can we just talk about how bloomin’ cute the packaging of these are?! I mean, if Primark have done one thing right with this collection it’s the packaging! These mini pastel pink bullets are so pretty on the eyes and the colours inside aren’t half bad either! I have to say, for a range of lipsticks, they’ve certainly picked the shade spectrum well with these ones. These matte lipsticks are all really well pigmented and apply like a dream. As expected they are a little drier than I’d like due to the fact that they’re matte lipsticks, but due to the bullet shape and the amount of product you get in these, they are quite easy to apply and to get a good coverage with due to the fact that they’re highly pigmented. Having had a really lovely experience with Primark’s liquid lipsticks, which you can read a review on in my Best Budget Liquid Lipstick post, I was pretty excited to try some more of their lip products and again these have not disappointed me. The longevity of them is great (although again, a little top up is occasionally required after eating, but that’s expected most of the time) and although drying initially they don’t actually feel overly drying when on the lips as long as you don’t over apply it. The shades are absolutely beautiful and are really kind of autumn-ready which I love as I cannot wait for autumn days now! 

And second of all and last of this mini (hah) Primark Pink Beauty review are the Ps…XXL Plump lip glosses which are also all really lovely shades. I was very kindly sent four of these to try out and the pinky shade ‘whatever’ has definitely been one of my favourites to wear. I am not a lip gloss girl at all and honestly whenever a gloss or any kind of lip gloss promotes it has a ‘plumping’ effect I usually turn off as in the past I haven’t had the best experiences with them (I really don’t like that tingly plumping feeling) but these ones have me semi-turned. That tingly feeling is pretty much non existent with these plump glosses which makes me so happy; you can still feel that something is kind of happening on your lips but compared to something like the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses which I personally can’t wear because they’re plumping tech is far too intense for me, they’ve definitely got a really understated feel to them. In terms of them as a gloss they’re really pigmented and glossy and would not be something you’d wear over another lip product but use as a stand alone colour and they do seem to plump up your lips a little bit and give them a slightly fuller appearance. I’m not really the kind of girl to wants or feels the need to accentuate her lips as I do have quite naturally full lips but this does give a really nice subtle fill to the lips and for a £2.50 product I’m pretty impressed with these. They are a little tacky on the lips so I can imagine on a windy day they’d be a long haired girls nightmare, but for a daily slick of gloss, these are pretty gorgeous! 

Have you tried any of the Primark Pink range at all? I’d love to know your thoughts on the bits too! For a range so inexpensive I’ve been really impressed by most of the bits and can’t wait to try out more of the Primark Beauty range in the future! 


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    • August 13, 2017 / 8:55 pm

      Thanks so much! x

  1. August 13, 2017 / 7:28 pm

    I've seen this range everywhere and it looks gorgeous! I love the look of those lipsticks, they sound really great and the swatches are fab xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • August 13, 2017 / 8:55 pm

      They're so pigmented! Definitely see if you can get your hands on some xx

  2. August 14, 2017 / 4:35 pm

    I like the lip glosses from this range. I think I might get some of the matte lipsticks as well. I love the packaging of this range and the prices are great.

    • August 15, 2017 / 10:47 am

      The lip products are fab! Definitely try and get yourself some if you can. and I know, right? Pink is just beautiful for packaging! x