Preparing to get my Body back; Plans for Fitness post baby!

*This post contains PR samples gifted to me for review*

Over the last couple of months my fitness has really taken a knock; obviously I have a pretty good reason for this and it’s not just because I’m being lazy, but sometimes it still does really get to me that my body isn’t how it used to be. Being a first time pregnant lady has really taken it’s toll on my body and my mental health surrounding the way I look and although being pregnant is one of the best things to ever happen to me (no matter how shitty it’s been) I still long for the days of wearing size 8 clothes and feeling good in my own skin again.

After Alice over at Annie Writes Beauty and I started chatting baby bodies a few weeks ago through WhatsApp  I started thinking more and more about how I want to get back to my pre-baby body after I’ve given birth. I was fed up of moaning constantly to her and when she posted about how she’s Over her Pregnant Body over on her blog I knew I had to start getting a plan in place on how to get mine back. There are so many ways in which I’ve tried to embrace my pregnancy body and tried to stay active throughout my pregnancy but I still feel deflated in the way that I look. I just want to point out here that my gorgeous baby bump is my absolute pride and joy and although I want the little monkey out now and ASAP (an official eviction notice has been served) I will miss my bump when it’s gone. It’s the rest of my body that I’ve absolutely hated. Looking at myself in the mirror and seeing nothing (apart from baby girl’s little home) that I like about my body has been really demoralising over the past couple of months and although I’m aware the extra bits of podge I’ve put on are all to support my growing baby, it’s still not made me feel good about myself.

Having suffered pretty badly this pregnancy with Pre-Natal Depression (which you can read about in my 23 week pregnancy update) continuing to exercise throughout my eight and a half months so far has really helped me keep my mood above board. I started off with a pretty strict gym routine which you can read about in my Pregnancy Fitness blog post but after a couple of months I realised I just couldn’t keep it up anymore. I’m still swimming regularly and at 38 weeks pregnant (as of tomorrow) I still swim around 500-1000m about 4 times a week, if not more and will continue to swim as much as I can until I pop (which I’m hoping is incredibly soon) but not being able to properly exercise has been doing my head in. Before I got pregnant I was exercising 4 or 5 times a week intensely and eating as I wanted, albeit as healthy as I could, but now that I’m eating for two and only swimming my body has been increasing in size in many different areas and it’s been really difficult to come to terms with.

One thing I can come to terms with though, at least for right now whilst I’m still not properly exercising is how I want to get back in shape after I’ve had the baby. With her being due to arrive any day now I’m becoming more and more eager to start planning my return to fitness and my return to my size 8 jeans (very wishful thinking there). Although there’s the initial 6 week or so period where I’m not allowed to exercise as my body heals (and I get as many baby squishes in as I can) I’m excited to get back into fitness as soon as I can. Obviously I don’t know how my body is going to heal or even how my labour is going to go in the first place but I’ve been starting to prepare a bit of a plan anyway and can’t wait to start following it the best I can. If I can get back to anywhere near the body I had in the photos above, I’ll be one very happy mama!

Over the last few months I’ve been storing away my fitness fashion in preparation for my ‘big return’ and I can’t wait to get it all back out. I’ll be starting off slowly with swimming and light gym sessions but as soon as I can I’ll be back to my Results with Lucy workouts and HIIT classes. I actually had a bit of a clear out of my gym clothing, which I have to say was extremely difficult, but I’m happy with the pieces that I’ve kept as I feel they’re the best for making me feel great as I work out. It sounds silly, but I’ve said it before, when I feel good in a gym outfit it always gets me that bit more motivated. As for my gym shoes, I’ve been storing these away in my new Crep Protect Crates and have loved that they’ve been out of the way and protected whilst I haven’t been wearing them. We’re a bit notorious in my house for just bunging shoes into a big box when we’re not wearing them and this way they often get incredibly squished and dirty and for my trainers (especially my gym ones) which I usually wear so often, I really didn’t want them getting ruined over the last couple of months where I haven’t been wearing them. The last thing I need when I have a new baby is to be splashing out on new gym trainers! My Crep Protect Crates have been brilliant for keeping them out of the way and in their usual pristine condition. I was a little sceptical at first that they’d be much cop due to them just being boxes, but I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve appreciated how perfect they’ve kept my shoes. Easily built in around 5 minutes (probably less if you realise which way around they go before starting to struggle like I did) these plastic boxes have an easy access see-through door at the front for retrieving your shoes as and when you wish. Obviously for me, they haven’t had much action in the last few months where I haven’t been working out and my feet haven’t physically fit in my Nike Free Runs due to swelling (oh the joys) but they’ve kept my shoes protected and have been really easy to store. I can’t wait to get back into my gym gear again and start heading back to the gym for more than just a swim!

As for the actual exercise I’ll be doing my rough plan is to start slow and see how I go. It sounds pretty simple but I really don’t want to go in all guns blazing as soon as the Doctor signs me off and end up injuring myself or over doing things. With the help of my personal trainer friend Gemma I’ll start off easy with some light cardio in the gym and slowly start to work my abs back into my routine. One thing for sure that I’ve lost during this pregnancy is all strength in my core and so that’s one of the main things I’ll be easing back in first. Of course, for right now my aim isn’t to be back to my original fitness levels straight away as with a newborn bubba and barely any sleep, I doubt that’s any where near realistic but to just start eating healthier and slowly slimming back down. I have no misconceptions that I won’t be back to my pre-baby body any time soon but I’m definitely wanting to put the work in to start making a difference as soon as I can. I do not want to be a frumpy Mum and as exercise has been such a big part of my life (and blog) over the last few years I really do want to get back into it as soon as I can.

I know this post has been a bit of a ramble but as fitness has always been a journey that I’ve shared with you all on my blog, I thought it was about time I wrote a post like this to just let you know where my head is at I guess. My fitness posts should resume properly around the beginning to middle of October as hopefully that will be when I can start exercising again, but keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter and Instagram and even make sure you follow me on Snapchat as I’m sure that will be where I start updating you all first! I’d love to know what kinds of post-baby fitness posts you’d like to see from me too so make sure you leave me a comment below if there’s anything specific you’d like me to show!


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(*this post may contain items gifted to me for PR purposes*)

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  1. September 27, 2017 / 3:58 pm

    After nine months of being encouraged to put on some weight, it took some effort to change gears and get back to my old body. Your post looks like a good place to start.