New In My Beauty Stash: Revlon

I have been loving applying makeup again these past couple of days. Having this baby insistent on not coming out of me just yet has me pretty fed up to be honest and although it’s been nice not wearing makeup for the last couple of weeks and giving my skin a bit of a breather, all I’ve wanted to do recently is play around with my new bits. Revlon kindly sent me a couple of pieces a few weeks ago and although I’ve had one or two chances to try makeup from them before, I’ve never really had a chance to properly test out their collections or anything much other than their foundation and primers.  

The Revlon Ultra Matte HD Lipstick Addictions are products that I’ve had my eye on for a while now and although I’m yet to have seen any in the shops (I haven’t gotten out much recently) I’ve been spying these on Instagram and getting pretty excited about them. I haven’t been into liquid lip products for some time as honestly I haven’t been bothered with the faff of them and especially with matte ones which I’ve found far too drying, but these beauties have been like a new light shining down on the liquid lipstick market. As you can see by my swatch photo, they appear a lot more glossy than matte liquid lips usually do and although they dry matte, they do still seem to have a really nice sheen to them. They also don’t dry out my lips and unlike others which dry up and leave my lips looking a little less than desirable these seem to have a really nice look to them all day long. After a couple of minutes of being on the lips they really don’t budge and even with a little lunch and a cup of hot chocolate, they still stay pretty solid! I love these; how pigmented they are, the packaging and even the longevity and I definitely think you should head out to pick one of these up asap! 

Slicking on a gloss of the Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip colours has also been something of beauty over the last couple of days. I haven’t really been going full out with the lip colours recently (apart from testing purposes) so on the days where I have been wearing a full face of makeup, I’ve been opting for these as a way of slipping in a bit of colour whilst still keeping my lips glossy and refreshed. A lot more pigmented than I ever thought they would be, these glide on like an absolute dream for a lighter lip; they’re really buttery and smooth and keep my lips hydrated throughout the day without being sticky and having your hair get stuck in them when the wind picks up too much. The kind of product I’ve never liked before, these have surprised me in how much I’ve fallen in love with them. I’d say they’re more a gel-type lip balm and they’re definitely up there now with my fave lip products.

A cream highlight is something I never usually go for as I’m more of a powder glow kinda gal but I was excited to see how this Revlon PhotoReady Instafix Highlighting Stick would fair when it popped through my door. As a quick and easy product to use I had high hopes this would be my new go-to for a slick of highlight above my cheekbones but sadly I wasn’t all that impressed by this. For a subtle sheen this is really great for applying in a hurry but to apply on top of your foundation straight from the stick for a more natural glow this isn’t quite the one. I was a little disappointed when I saw how it moved around my foundation and although it’s more convenient in terms of cutting down on time spent applying, it just doesn’t quite look good enough for a finished look. I did find that rubbing my damp Beauty Blender onto the end of the stick and dabbing the product onto my cheekbones was a far more effective way of using this product though and although I wouldn’t use it on it’s own, it did make for a nice base that then made my usual powder highlight ‘pop’ that little bit extra. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re looking for that kind of product but for a stand-alone highlight, sadly this just didn’t make the cut for me.

Last up I wanted to talk to you today about the Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara which is something I’ve had my eye on ever since they were launched many moons ago. I’d seen it advertised by lots of different beauty guru’s and bloggers when they were first released and was super excited to see one in my package. This mascara is definitely one that for me has been outshining many of my other high street favourites ever since I started using it. It’s packaging alone is up there with some of the nicest as the sleekness of it and shape is just so practical and handy to carry around with you. The wand is what seals the deal for me on this one though! As you can see from my images above the wand is tapered at one end giving you the room for precision when it comes to layering your lashes right. In my opinion a good mascara is one you can really coat your lashes with, with the least amount of effort and a brush like this is always going to be a winner for me. The larger end is great for fuller volume over the main body of your lashes whilst the tapered end is perfect for picking up the smaller hairs and those in the inner and outer corners; not to mention how easy it makes for coating your bottom lashes too! As soon as I saw this wand I was sold on it instantly and the fact that the mascara formulation itself is also pretty damn good was just the icing on the cake for me! I wouldn’t say this was the most lengthening of mascaras but as far as volume is concerned, this beauty has buckets of it. Primed with my favourite Primark eyelash primer before hand, my lashes are good to go for both length and volume with just one slick of the Mega Multiplier mascara and it’s one I’ve been reaching for constantly these past few weeks. Even on days when I don’t wear any other makeup, a quick cover of mascara always makes me feel more alive and this one has been perfect for that job too. It’s such a lovely natural looking product and for me it’s definitely one I’ll be picking up again.

What are your thoughts on Revlon’s latest products? I’ve been really loving the majority of these pieces and also love their PhotoReady foundation (which I really need to restock on asap). Let me know in the comments if there’s any other pieces you’d recommend for me to try from Revlon as it’s a brand I’ve never really explored before and would love to try some new bits from after loving these pieces so much!



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