John Frieda Core Restore; Current Haircare Favourites Part 2

If you haven’t already seen my current haircare favourites part 1 blog post then a) where have you been hiding and b) why the hell have you not popped over there yet? I’ve been loving a couple of different haircare brands at the moment and to put all of my current favourites into one blog post was just a bit too much and would have made the post far too long. So here, without further ado is part two!

As a haircare brand in general John Frieda have always been a brand I’ve loved. Shopping around Boots, I’ve always been drawn to their different ranges and have always found that they work really well with my hair. I’ve previously loved their brunette and blonde ranges (as I have ombre hair) and trying out new bits from them is always exciting for me. This time around I’ve been trying out some of their new protein-infused shampoo and conditioners in their Luxurious Volume Core Restore range and a couple of their Frizz Ease bits as my hair is just not playing ball at the moment and yet again I’ve been throughly impressed. As you may know I’m a girl of few hair washes within a week as to be honest I can’t really be bothered (don’t pretend like you don’t do the same thing) and so having a really good shampoo and conditioner that can give my hair that little bit extra TLC is all I’m ever really looking for. The new Core Restore range from John Frieda is one that has intrigued me so much and I’m not just talking about that in a ‘will I like them’ kinda way; The technology of these products seems so out there compared to other bog standard shampoos and conditioners. If you haven’t seen or haven’t heard of John Frieda’s new range then let me quickly let you in on the gist of it; this is a conditioner like no other. 

Now I’m no expert when it comes to hair care and I’m not saying that this is the only conditioner of it’s type on the market, but this is certainly the only one that I’ve seen and I’ve been really interested to see how this works. I’m always up for trying new products out (what kind of beauty blogger would I be if I wasn’t?) and this one went straight to the top of my testing pile as soon as it popped through my door. Every conditioner I’ve ever tried before has been creamy and a gel formula, clear conditioner like this one just didn’t sit right with me initially; I mean why should I trust something I’d never seen before? But I’ve been really surprised at how it’s worked and have been frantically trying to think of how to describe it all to your for review. Anyway, I should probably start this review with a touch on the shampoo since that’s usually the part that comes first when washing your hair, right?

The Luxurious Volume, Core Restore Shampoo from John Frieda is quite honestly the first shampoo I’ve tried in a while that I’ve really felt has cleaned my hair and cleaned it well. The tiniest bit of product lathers exceptionally well and it takes quite a bit of time to fully rinse out, which in my book is a recipe for a pretty damn good shampoo. The Core Restore properties of this leave my hair feeling so much more nurtured and full of volume, which if you know me and my hair, you’ll know is not an easy task! I have to be honest here and say that to begin with, I wasn’t a massive fan of these two products (which I’ll get into in a second) but after using them multiple times and letting my hair get used to them a little, I really have noticed a difference.

The Luxurious Volume Core Restore Conditioner is the one with all of the punch here and the one that honestly the first couple of washes I really didn’t like. The gel formulation (which as I mentioned before is extremely rare for a conditioner) is definitely one like no other and to begin with I didn’t really know where to start. It’s a strange one to describe without sounding negative but it took quite  a lot of product to cover through the ends of my hair and didn’t smooth through anywhere as nicely as your usual creamy conditioner does. It also then made my hair feel sticky and dry and this was even after rinsing it through; which did take a rather long time and it turns out I still didn’t get it all… But then. The next time I gave it a whirl and used only a tiny amount of conditioner (compared to the half bottle of the creamy stuff that I usually slather all over), I massaged this through the ends of my hair and made sure I rinsed it out well and although my hair still felt stiff and dry compared to how it feels after other conditioners, once I’d let it dry it felt incredible. And I’m not talking a little bit nicer, I’m talking full on hair swishy incredible. It may not seem like the best conditioner ever to begin with and the uniqueness of it’s formula might seem like it’s too good to be true when it leaves your hair feeling worse than when you began to wash it, but you really can’t knock this bad boy until you’ve tried it. Persevere and your hair will not forgive you! (and don’t use too much). 

Up next are two of the John Frieda Frizz Ease products that I have been loving for weeks now and if the humidity in the UK right now has not been a good enough reason to trial these babies then the pregnancy baby hair growth definitely has been. Starting off with the Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum which I’ve been using religiously after my weekly (lols) hair wash for the majority of the summer so far. Two pumps of this rubbed into my hands and smoothed throughout the ends of my hair whilst it’s still damp and before I blow dry (or let it naturally dry because lazy girl probs) has been an absolute life saver for me. My baby hairs and fly-aways don’t even get started on the day like they usually would and my hair looks sleek and put together as if I’d actually spent a little time and effort on it apposed to the five seconds it takes to smooth this through. It’s a brilliant product for starting the day right and works perfectly well alongside the Frizz Ease Secret Agent Touch Up Creme for a frizz free hairstyle all day long. The Secret Agent is basically a cream version of the magical Frizz Ease Serum which can be used throughout the day to battle fly-aways on the go. With no heaviness in the cream at all, a tiny pea size of this product is enough to smooth things over and keep your hair silky without damaging it’s blow dry perfectness. I’m not usually one for adding products to my dry hair as the fear of increasing the greasiness of my mop / not getting it through to it’s usual weekly wash is too much, however this product is not like others of it’s kind that I’ve tried. The unwanted pregnancy baby hairs and humidity frizz is long gone when I pop out this beautiful product and the only thing I want to change about this product, is the size of the bottle so it’s easier to take around with me day by day!

What are your favourite haircare products at the moment?



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