Tan-Luxe Illuminating Self Tanning Facial Drops

Applying fake tan is always such a ball ache. I’m not going to beat around the bush here, applying fake tan is probably one of the least enjoyable moments in life and I definitely see it as more of a chore than a beauty task I love doing weekly. Every tan I’ve ever tried has always had some kind of issue with it; I mean it could be the most perfect tan and after waiting a couple of hours before washing it off it could give the most perfect glow, but there’s still the fact of having to wait to wash it off. If there’s one thing we all know over here on BekyLou.com it’s that I’m incredibly impatient and for me that usually means tanning on the weekly is a no go. One product that I’ve recently been trying  out however is one that I think I can get on board with.

Tan-Luxe ‘The Face’ Illuminating and Rejuvenating drops are self-tanning drops that you add to your normal moisturiser to add a natural glow to your face. Also available for The Body, these drops mix with your everyday facial cream (or body cream) to sink into the skin and give you a natural looking self-tan without all of the faff. There’s no extra beauty step here, simply just mix with your existing skincare routine and you’re good to go! Of course, I was a little dubious of this at first as the idea of tanning my face blind is a little scary (will I end up looking like a Wotsit?) but after my first couple of trials I’ve been very impressed. Having a body the size of Jupiter at the moment has meant I haven’t been tanning my body so I wanted to have a natural glow to my face that didn’t look out of place – I love the healthier look of a tanned face and so have been mixing around 3-4 drops of the Tan-Luxe Rejuvenating Self Tan Drops (in light to medium) to my usual Clarins Moisturiser and evenly distributing this over my face and neck, trying to blend as well as I can. Initially I was scared that I’d have a really obvious line where the tan stopped but that’s not been the case at all. The Tan-Luxe drops seem to create a well blended and streak-free glow to the skin that looks so beyond natural. Being a more luxury product (priced at around £35/£39 for a 30ml bottle) I expected good things from these drops, but honestly, I didn’t expect to love them as much as I do. The colour that is given to my skin is so gradual over the couple of hours after applying that you don’t even notice it happening and even without the rest of my body tanned, my face doesn’t look out of place. My Mum even asked me if I’d caught the sun on my face as I looked a little more bronzed than usual – I’ll take that as a pretty decent result?! 

To get the desired glow to my face with the lighter shades I’ve been using around 4 drops but originally worked my way up from two to ensure I didn’t get that over-powering Wotsit glow straight away. I love how this Self-tan is so customisable depending on the amount of drops you use and can really see it being a product suitable for everyone. I think once the baby bump is gone and my body is  (hopefully) back to more of my usual size (and I can actually reach every part of my body again) I’ll definitely be giving the Tan-Luxe ‘The Body’ self tanning drops a go. I’ve been so impressed with The Face drops that I’d love to see if this way of tanning/moisturising could work for the rest of me. It’s an amazing product and I love that you’re looking after your skin at the same time; one part of tanning that I usually hate is how drying it is on my skin and with this product it’s really quite the opposite. It also fades really evenly and naturally, there’s no awkward patchiness to it as it starts to work it’s way off of the skin and to top it up all you have to do is exfoliate a little and moisturise again. It’s a pretty beautiful product to be honest and I’m not sure I’ll be falling out of love with it any time soon!

Have you tried any of Tan-Luxe’s products before? Could you be tempted to give these drops a try? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments. 


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  1. August 21, 2017 / 6:40 pm

    This looks and sounds amazing! May have to give it a try soon! xx