Magnitone Go Bare Lady Shaver Review

As a lady with hair and a lady who’s hair (like all of us) grows wherever the hell it likes on her body, an easy to use shaver is a must-have. I’ve struggled for years to get my shaving down to a ‘T’ and even now at the age of 22, I still don’t like my routine. However, I was recently kindly sent a new product from Magnitone (you know, the guys who make my favourite facial cleansing brush?) and the days of crappy razors are now behind me. Since receiving this beautiful shell shaped shaver in the post, I haven’t used anything else. The Magnitone Go Bare is a 2 in 1 Trimmer + Shaver specifically designed for us ladies to help us with our intimate shaving; it’s clever design boasts a two sided shaving head for a closer and more intimate shave and can be used wet or dry. The Go Bare is also ‘handbag sized’ according to the packaging, but honestly it’s so much smaller than you’d think; I’m able to easily hold this in the palm of one hand, which makes it absolutely perfect for taking on the go with you. It even has a special travel safety feature, which means it’s a great tool for travelling and you won’t have those awkward moments where it’s magically turned itself on during your journeys! 

Having used the Go Bare lady shaver for a couple of weeks now I have to say I’m impressed. To begin with I just used it on my legs (which as a lady who is currently 7 and a half months pregnant, is quite an achievement in itself) and I really liked how close of a shave it gave me. Being such a small and compact product, it was really easy to manoeuvre around the contours of my legs and even managed the trickier parts such as  my ankles and knees with no issues at all. The Go Bare has a SkinSoft™Floating Head which is designed to tilt for a more comfortable shave around these trickier areas and a rounded protection rail to help reduce irritation to your skin. Both features really help with the closeness of the shave and it doesn’t feel like tiny blades are moving over my skin at all, it’s a really lovely finish and my legs always feel silky smooth afterwards. 

The Magnitone Go Bare Lady Shaver can also be used on your Underarms and on your Bikini Line and I have to say I love it for both of these too. As a big fat baby belly is currently in the way of me seeing my bikini line though let alone getting a decent shave on it, it’s been quite difficult to test this one out, but from what I’ve managed to do through contorting my body in ways it probably shouldn’t be twisting, I can definitely tell it does a really good job. I’ve always found shaving my bikini line a bit of an off one as razor’s never seem to be the right size or angle for the job, but the Magnitone Go Bare definitely has that sussed. It’s the perfect size and shape for the job and hairs that I usually end up missing / cutting myself around were trimmed down in seconds with no issues at all. Of course, when I’m back to my normal size and can trial this properly I’ll give you all an update on how I’m getting on with it, but from what I’ve seen so far (and with how difficult it is for me to do anyway) I’m pretty damn impressed. Again for my underarms, this product is just the perfect size and and the perfect angle for shaving with the shape of my body, there’s no awkward bits left or cutting myself where there’s a dip or bump where a bone may be, just smooth sailing over all of my lumps and bumps and a fine shave all round. 

Shaving with the Magnitone Go Bare has made my life so much easier and with it’s easy to clean head (small brush included or just run lightly under water) and easy USB charging this product is now one of my favourite grooming products I’ve ever tried. Yep, I went there. Magnitone really have hit the nail on the head with this one and I 100% recommend you picking one up and giving it a go yourself! Available on the or on Amazon, you can pick this beauty up for just £29.99! Will you be giving it a go?


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