The Adidas NMD Trainers *MADE* for Pregnant Ladies.

So, okay, they probably weren’t made for us preggo’s but I have to say these Adidas Original NMD R1’s are the perfect shoe to get you through your late pregnancy. I’ve been struggling for a couple of weeks now to get my shoes on and off (bump gets in the way SO much) and even though I can just about reach at the moment, it’s definitely going to be getting a lot harder as Bubba and I keep growing. These trainers are honestly like a gift from the Gods! Being comfortable is my number 1 goal these days and as bump and I get bigger and fatter it can be quite the task; I feel like whether they were aiming for this or not (probably the latter) Adidas have really succeeded in making a pregnant lady (and her ever expanding feet) extremely happy. 

The Adidas NMD’s that I picked up are womens trainers and are designed so that they have no ‘tongue’ in them; the trainer is all one piece and honestly this is the bit that I think makes them so comfortable and so easy to wear when you’re pregnant. This feature (along with the tag at the back of the ankle) makes them so easy to slip on with no need to bend down to make sure the tongue doesn’t slip down inside the shoe as you push your foot in. They’re so much less effort than any other pair of trainers that I currently own and yet they still look amazing. I often find that with comfort comes ugliness in shoes, but these ones are definitely proving me wrong.  They’re super comfortable, really light-weight and look great with almost any kind of outfit – Not to mention that they’re the perfect colour for everyday wear. 

These babies cost £100 so not on the budget for everyone but with your pregnancy taking up a big proportion of a year and still having the ease of these bad boys when baby arrives, I think they’re an investment worth making. Of course, they’re gorgeous and perfect for any lady too, not just my fellow mamas-to-be, so if you’re not expecting, still go and check these out as they’re so timeless and did I mention the comfort?!

Are you pregnant too? Have you found any comfort hacks that I need to be aware of? I’d love to have a chat in the comments! 


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    • June 14, 2017 / 1:55 pm

      My Converse just aren't doing it for me anymore, I can't bend to get them on – such a task. These literally slip on as easy as my Havainas do!! 🙂 xx

  1. September 22, 2017 / 11:04 am

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