St Moriz; The Top Budget Tans You Need This Summer

Fake tan is everywhere nowadays and especially around this time of year. As people start jetting off on their holidays and the sun starts showing its face here in England that little bit more frequently (or at least we hope it does) having a glowing bod is number 1 priority on many peoples Summer to-do list. I’ve mentioned it many times before here on BekyLou but as a girl who does not naturally tan at all (although I have given it my best shot in the past) fake tan is always the way to go for me. I’m not bothered overly about having that golden tanned look of perfection all year round, but during the Summer months or when I’ve got a special event to go to  I do like to slap on a bit of the fake stuff to bronze myself up that little bit more. I’m definitely not the kind of girl to jump on a sun bed or strip down and get sprayed darker by a stranger so fake tan in a bottle is my kind of tan. 

When it comes to tanning I feel like it can be quite an expensive beauty routine so I’ve never stuck to an actual routine with my tanning but I love being bronzed and hiding my pasty milk-bottle body so finding a cheap but fab brand has been something on my to-do list for some time now. One brand I’ve always known about and have tried way back in the day (we’re talking a good four or five years ago) is St Moriz and having recently been sent a couple of new bits from them I thought I’d give them a go again. At Less than £10 a product this brand is one that is definitely not going to break the bank and with deals on at FeelUnique, Superdrug and Boots all the time, you can pick these up pretty easily at almost any time.

The St Moriz Professional Self Tanning Mousse in shade Medium was the first that I tried this time around and with an 8hour+ developing time, it’s one of the first that I’ve tried in a long time that hasn’t been ‘fast acting’. Usually known for being a lazy girl when it comes to the beauty routine having a tan that didn’t develop in a couple of hours for me was a bit of a stretch. I had to make time to tan myself before bed and actually remember to wake up and shower it off in the morning (doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re me it is such an effort). In reality, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be and far less hassle than say getting ready for a night out and tanning 2-3 hours in advance like I usually would. It was easy to pop on before I went to bed and I didn’t have to worry about the horrors of bumping into someone in public looking like a wotsit! After washing it off, I found I was already a really nice shade of bronzed and I loved how natural it looked on me, it had a really nice finish to it and I didn’t notice any streaks (which is great because I am rubbish at applying tan). All in all, I really liked this product and for £4.99 would most definitely repurchase this time and time again.

The next product I’d 100% recommend for a budget friendly tanner this Summer is the St Moriz Instant Wash Off Self Tan in Medium. Instant tans have been a favourite of mine for a while now and with me being so lazy that I sometimes forget to tan at all, they are literally a life saver when my pins (or bod) need a bit of colour. Used with a mitt to apply this tanner gives a really nice natural, healthy looking glow to the skin instantly; dry within a minute or so of applying, it leaves you good to go for the day ahead with almost no transfer issues. I say almost, because there’s always going to be that one time when it does transfer slightly, but I’ve never had a major issue with this at all. I love using this product on it’s own for when I haven’t tanned at all, or for topping up my fake tan that’s faded slightly a day or two after applying it. This tan washes off when you next shower which makes life so much easier than having that awkward dodgy fading / patchy tan two or three days in. It does also mean that if you get caught in the rain things could get a bit streaky, but with careful planning an umbrella, it’s easy to avoid!

Last up is the St Moriz Ultra Finish ‘Tancealer‘ a tanner that can be used along your body to conceal any imperfections and can also be applied straight to the face for a matte bronzed appearance. I initially found this quite orangey and so mixed it with a pump of my foundation for a more natural look when applying it to my face. I haven’t been a massive fan of the applicator that this tan comes with when popping it on my face and so I’ve been applying this with an old Beauty Blender to get a nice even coverage like I usually get with my foundation and I’ve actually been liking a lot more than I thought I would. Honestly I think it’s a little bit of a faff and I do prefer just tanning my face with my normal body tan but once that’s faded a bit with my every day skincare routines it is nice to have this product for topping the facial tan up. As for concealing imperfections on the rest of my body with this bad boy, I’m loving it a lot more. Over the top of my fake tan, I find a little of this buffs in really nicely to just airbrush out things like scratches and bruises (which for a clumsy gal like me is so handy)

What are your go-to products for tanning this Summer?  Have you tried St Moriz before and are you a fan?


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