Top 5 Daily Items I Just Can’t Live Without

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As a girl I feel like I always carry around far too much sh*t with me, yet I just can’t stop myself. I look at my boyfriend and on almost every single occasion where we leave the house he has just his wallet, keys and phone with him – maybe a pair of sunglasses if it’s an extra sunny day – but that’s it. He takes nothing else with him. There’s no need with a guy; it’s all just so easy for them. I looked in my handbag the other day, actually scratch that, I looked in 5 of my handbags the other day (guilty as charged) and tried to sort through them and they were just full of absolute cr*p! Why do I need to carry around so much with me on a daily basis? I swear I literally take a handbag with me just to carry around all of the crap I collect over the few weeks in-between each bag clear out. It seems absolutely pointless to me and so after much thought, I’ve decided I need to cut down on the items I deem as essential to my daily life; I mean, with a baby changing bag soon to be hauled around with me everywhere I go, not to mention my baby too, I’m really going to need to cut down!

Card Holder

This one is one that I think goes without much explanation needed really; I can’t really get far without my money on me nowadays (which I am trying really hard to cut down on spending) and my Kate Spade card holder is something that I never leave the house without now. I am proud of myself for cutting down to a card holder though and not a full blown purse like I used to have. It is so much easier to carry this around when I change over to a smaller bag and also for when I literally do just do what I like to call the ‘grab and go’ when I really can’t be arsed to take a whole handbag with me for smaller trips out and just grab my essentials. I really wish I could be like that more of the time! I’ve even managed to cut down on the amount of cards I take out and about with me now and have gotten them down to the bare essentials. As you can see in the image, I have just my NHS Maternity Exemption card, My debit card, Drivers Liscense and my three main points cards: Nectar, Tesco and of course Boots!


Although again, this is something I’m trying to become less dependant on, my phone does make it into my list of daily items I just can’t live without. It’s definitely a lifeline for me and even though the only people to contact me on a daily basis are really my boyfriend and best gal Melody, I just can’t seem to last a day without it; especially when I’m at work. Like I said, I am trying to become less dependant on this and have started putting it on silent and leaving it in my bag so that I don’t scroll away the days on Instagram and Twitter, however I can’t quite bring myself to leave it at home just yet as with being Pregnant I feel like I kind of need it with me in case of any emergencies. But hey, I tried people.  My phone case here is from Coconut Lane.


This one is a newer one for me and not something I necessarily keep in my handbag, but after recently receiving this beautiful  Daniel Wellington Classic Petite watch, I can’t seem to leave the house without it. Definitely not something I ever thought I’d hear myself say as I’m usually not a fan of accessories on my wrists (such a weirdo) but after wearing this non-stop for the past week or so I literally could not see myself go a day without wearing it now. I recently wrote a blog post reviewing this watch where I tried to describe why it’ll help me with getting my sh*t together before our baby arrives and honestly in the days since I wrote that post, it hasn’t left my wrist and I have definitely found myself depending on it a lot more than I ever thought I would. Who would have thought I’d ever become a watch-wearing kinda gal? Certainly not me. I really think the smaller 32″ face of this piece has got something to do with it though, unlike most other slightly larger watches, this one fits so perfectly on my petite wrists and feels so natural and comfortable every day. I honestly forget I’m wearing it most of the time! It’s been amazing having the time on me at all times without staring at my phone screen too and that is why it’s now number 3 in my ‘daily essentials’. You can get 15% off of your Daniel Wellington watch at with my code ‘Bekylou

Phone Charger

Kind of carrying on from the phone option, If I am taking a bag with me, I will always have a phone charger on me. I have one in my car and one in every hand bag I own just in case. If I have my phone on me then you can bet your bottom dollar, I’ll have a charger on me too. I can’t have my phone with me and have the chance of it dying on me. And I know I said I’m trying to cut down on how much I use my phone, but with how much I use it, how much I listen to music on it and how long I’m usually on the phone to my boyfriend for whilst he’s driving home, my battery usually plummets quite fast! 

Glasses / Sunglasses

Now, I don’t have to wear these at all let alone every day, but I do get headaches occasionally and for that reason I do like to carry my glasses around with me most days. Especially now I’m pregnant and the headaches are far more common than they ever were before, I feel so much more secure having them with me. My glasses are like my fail-safe, I always like to have them around just-in-case. They’re my go-to for when I feel a little iffy as having the effort of getting my eyes to concentrate on things taken away by these means freeing up my energy for other daily tasks. Mine are currently from Karl Lagerfeld at Specsavers and I love them to death! Throughout the sunnier months these usually get replaced by / joined by my Sunglasses. As I don’t have prescription ones these are just my regular Polaroid Aviators that I’ve shown in countless posts before! 

What are the 5 things you can’t live without on the daily? I’d love to know yours in the comments below!


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