The Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sterling Wristwatch

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Watch

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Watch

With the ever looming arrival of my baby girl in a short 19 weeks (what?!) I’ve decided it’s time to get myself a little more organised. Even though at work I pride myself on being organised and have my work-life sh*t sorted, at home it’s quite different and I’ve been feeling lately like I need to just get on top of it all. One thing I’ve never been so good at (for the whole 22 years of my life so far) is timing and I have a feeling that once this little munchkin comes along, I’m going to have to have my life sorted that little bit more than I do now. What with needing to get on top of timings when it comes to sleep and feeds and keeping on top of my blogging too (as much as I can anyway) I think I’m going to struggle quite a bit, unless I make a start on it now. 

The new Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sterling is my new go-to accessory for making sure that my little (growing) bum is on time for most things. Of course, I am me and I think tardiness is just in my nature (sigh) but having this fancy new little beauty on my wrist is definitely going to help me keep my timing issues at bay. I’ve never really worn watches as a daily thing – yes, I have watches and I’ve written about watches before, but after a couple of days of wearing them I usually just start to forget or not bother and I think that has something to do with them not really being very ‘me’. The Silver Mesh strap on my newest accessory though is most definitely more my style and one that I think will be a go-to piece for my everyday wardrobe for many moons to come and it’s something I’m going to make sure I start wearing more and more. I mean, how am I meant to sort my life out if I can’t even remember to put on a watch everyday? As part of my new timing and organisation lifestyle overhaul, my new Daniel Wellington watch will definitely be playing a key part in keeping me in-check. Having the time permanently situated on my wrist during the day means no excuses when it comes to running ridiculously late or procrastinating like there’s no tomorrow! 

I’ve loved Daniel Wellington and their watches for quite some time now and have a couple others, but this one by far has to be a favourite. The dainty watch face and petite mesh strap are perfect for my tiny wrists and match my other silver jewellery pieces perfectly. In short, it’s slotted into my very limited jewellery collection really well and unlike other watches I’ve worn in the past, it doesn’t look out of place with my style – Even with my mama-to-be maternity dungarees it seems to fit in! I really love how Daniel Wellington have introduced this watch into the collection with the smaller 32″ watch face as it’s definitely a feature that suits me more than their larger watches. I’m sure for most females around this is going to be a well loved selling-point for them too; there’s just something about a slightly less in-your-face timepiece that looks more at home on a woman’s wrist. The Classic Petite is such a sophisticated looking watch and one that will stay timeless in it’s classic style for years to come. 

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