New In: Clarins Sunkissed Summer Makeup Collection

Each year as Spring shows itself and Summer is fast approaching (although never nearly fast enough) I eagerly await the press release for the new Clarins Summer Makeup range. It’s become almost a tradition of mine on BekyLou to write up this release every year and I’m so happy to say that this year I’ve been lucky enough to review the collection again. The Sunkissed Summer Collection from Clarins is this years must have in my eyes as with the gorgeous packaging and beautifully put together shades, it’s one of their best Summer collections to date. 

As always with Clarins my first port of call has to be the packaging. Clarins never seem to disappoint with their classic golden-mirrored packaging, but this year I feel they’ve gone that one step further with this collection. Both the coveted Limited Edition Bronzer and Eye-Shadow Quad are encased in their traditional packaging, but come this year with a beautiful twist. The burnt orange casing decorated with palm leaves and the classic ‘Clarins’ logo is very on-trend for this year and just makes the pieces feel that little bit more special. They really stand out from the crowd amongst my various other Clarins plaettes and I for one, am really happy with the slight summery change. 

 I first wanted to talk about one of my favourite products in the range this year, the gorgeous Limited Edition Bronze and Blush Palette which is always highly anticipated. The sheer size of it is a huge selling point from the off as you get so much for your money and with the three gorgeous bronzing shades and a lovely dark coral blush you definitely get more than with your bog standard bronzer. It’s one item within the Summer Clarins collections that is always hyped about before it’s released and is one that never disappoints (or at least it never does with me); it’s such a versatile product that is made up of the nicest bronzing shades and is just suitable for most skin tones. This year’s edition also has the added bonus of Clarins’ Anti-pollution complex and Light Optimizing+ complex which leave the skin protected and looking radiant all day long! 

My other favourite from this year’s Sunkissed collection has to be the Limited Edition eyeshadow quad and my God, isn’t it a beauty? As you can imagine I was instantly drawn to this by that stunning orange colour; a colour that usually reminds me of more autumnal palettes. It was a little strange seeing a colour so bright in a Clarins palette as I’ve only ever seen more neutral / subdued colours in their ranges before, but it was a really nice surprise and one that is absolutely perfect for summer. With all of the love going around at the moment over peach inspired palettes and colour themes, this orange is perfect for creating some really beautiful summery looks and with the other three colours in the palette, perfect for blending together to create such a gorgeous eye, you really cannot go wrong with this quad. Yet again, Clarins hit the nail on the head with this one. Made with 100% mineral, plant based pigments, these shadows are really well pigmented and work beautifully onto the eye either dry or wet. I’ve always been a huge fan of Clarins shadows, but I feel like with this palette there’s just something a little more special. I am besotted!

Next up and new to my collection this year are the Limited Edition waterproof eyeliner pencils in Gold and Copper, two shades which I have absolutely fallen in love with and are an absolute dream to match with the Eyeshadow quad. The colours are so different to anything usually available at this time of the year, but if you think about it, are so perfect for the Summer months. As with all of Clarins liners, these two are super pigmented and are ultra smooth; they glide onto the skin / waterline with so much ease and stay put all day. Ain’t nothing budging these bad boys! 

Last but by no means least, this year Clarins have released four new shades of their ever popular Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils. These beautiful oils glide onto the lips and melt into them with a colourful sheen and a really comfortable finish. With them being some kind of a lip-hybrid (a mix between an oil and a gloss) they do have a slightly tacky feel to them when they’re first applied and do feel like you have a slight (yet very light) film over your lips, but in my opinion this is no where near as bothering as a sticky gloss usually is, because they’re not sticky at all once applied. They’re actually quite hard to describe, but just believe me when I say (especially as a hater of lip glosses) that once you’ve given these beauties a go, you’ll never look back. Filled with hazelnut oil, mirabelle (I’m not too sure on this one either) and organic jojoba oils, these keep the lips nourished and supple in the hot Summer months. The four new shades to the collection are Candy (my favourite by far), Tangerine, Honey Glam (infused with glimmering flecks) and Mint which is has menthol as one of it’s main ingredients and has a little extra with some lip plumping action thrown in! You’ll be happy to know too that the Mint one doesn’t give off too much of a colour pay off too so you won’t be rocking the cool blue lips any times soon – unless of course that’s you’re kinda thing! 


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