Battling Tooth Sensitivity with Sensodyne True White

Just before Christmas I was approached by the PR company behind Sensodyne and asked if I would like to trial their new Sendsodyne True White toothpaste. Being someone who often suffers with really sensitive teeth I jumped at the chance in the hope that this would be the answer to all of my problems. Fast forward to January when I received the package and to my surprise the babes over at Pegasus had also gifted me an Instax Mini 8 Camera! Something that I was not at all expecting and am hugely grateful for! I’ve been wanting one of these for so long and cannot wait to get using it for a special project I’ve got coming up over the next couple of months (all will be revealed soon my loves I promise).

Anyway, Since then, I’ve been using the Sensodyne True White Tooth paste every time I brush my teeth to try and combat the sensitivity that I have at the same time as cleaning and whitening. I am loving the minty taste and the results of the whitening properties that this toothpaste has but, overall, I’m mostly enjoying how this Sensodyne toothpaste has helped improve my tooth sensitivity massively. I’ve been using this for around about six weeks now and in that time I’ve noticed a massive improvement in not only the appearance of my teeth but the health of my teeth. What used to be a bit of a mission for me, such as eating a bit of ice cream or sipping on a drink with ice cubes in, is now nowhere near as painful as before. I say painful because when you have super sensitive teeth, any sharp intake of hot or cold (mostly cold in my case) can feel like a shooting pain straight in your mouth. I’ve always had a couple of sensitive teeth, but since having a filling around a year ago, one tooth in the upper left of my mouth has always been an issue for me. Because it was such a deep filling it affected me more than I’d have liked it to and it’s been a bit of a pain to deal with in everyday life, however since I’ve started using the Sensodyne True White Toothpaste, I’ve noticed a dramatic change in the way that feels. I wouldn’t say that in six weeks my sensitivity has completely disappeared, but it has dulled a huge amount and I’m hoping that with continued use, that feeling will eventually go away.

Sensodyne True White is a toothpaste designed with sensitivity in mind; with it being 10 times less abrasive than your everyday whitening toothpastes, this bad boy is just as gentle as using only water on your teeth, keeping sensitivity at bay and still being able to removed stains to keep them pearly white. I’ve fallen in love with this toothpaste and how it’s making me feel and even thought at around £8 for a tube, it’s quite pricey for a toothpaste, I honestly think it’s worth the money – especially if you have overly sensitive teeth like I do! I definitely will not be going back to my everyday run of the mill toothpaste!


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