My Protein Active Women review

When it comes to protein and workout supplements, as a woman it can be quite hard to find the right products for me. Not knowing too much about what I should actually be taking alondside my *semi*healthy diet and working out, it can be overwhelming when it comes to what to buy and what to stay clear of. I’ve read and heard lots of things from lots of different people (both guys and girls) on what I should be taking alongside my usual fitness routine, but none of it has ever really made sense. There’s been conflicting views and confusing comments and all in all I’ve really struggled when it’s come down to choosing what to buy. Thankfully, My Protein have got us ladies covered now and have released an Active Women range of proteins and snacks ready for the active woman (see what I did there?). I was recently sent a lovely package full of goodies to try out and taste test and over the last couple of months, that’s exactly what I’ve done! 

First of all, one thing that I’ve found really easy is that everything’s labelled out for me. I’m not saying that all females that are into fitness will need this, but for me, the average-joe who’s only just starting to get into protein alongside exercise, it’s bloody brilliant. They’ve got a different product for every opportunity and it makes life so much easier when I’m trying to eat right! The first item that I tried back when I first got sent this package was the Active Women, Peach Pre-Workout mix and this beauty is the product that instantly made me fall in love with this range! Mixed with water, 30 minutes before I went on a 5K run (check me out, running!) this bad boy gave me so much more energy than I’ve ever had before whilst running. The usual stitches and ankle issues that I had whilst running weren’t present anywhere near as early on as they usually were on a 5K and only really started bothering me towards the very end. Taking the pre-workout mix before I ran made my run so much more enjoyable and so much easier for me and it’s definitely something that I’ll be using again in the future. It gave me a lot of faith in the rest of the products I was sent too as, as always before I try something new, I was a little sceptical that any of these would actually make a difference. The Active Women Diet and Vegan Blends have also been really lovely to drink after workouts. I prefer to drink these after I’ve finished an intense exercise session as I feel like I’m getting the most out of the protein boost that they give me. The flavours are delicious – I’ve tried, Banana Cinnamon from the Vegan Blend range and Chocolate Fudge Brownie from the Diet Blend – not flavours that I would usually enjoy in like a milkshake but in these protein shakes, these are beautiful! They fill me up straight away and make me feel so much more energised after a tough session, which is just want I want from a protein shake! 

Up next,  of course I had to try out the snacks! I’m a massive snacker and with eating healthy, there’s not a lot of fun snacks allowed. My Protein Active Women kindly sent me a few of their desserts and snacks to try out and I tell you now, there is light at the end of the tunnel people – there are healthy snack alternatives out there! One of my favourites has been the High Protein Chocolate, a large bar of  55% cocoa solids with added whey protein for a delicious taste and healthier alternative to regular milk chocolate. I’ve been eating this one piece at a time when I’m having a chocolate craving and it seems to be enough to just curb the cravings and keep my sweet tooth satisfied! It’s a lot nicer than dark chocolate too which is definitely a plus in my books because I am not a dark chocolate fan! I also got the chance to try the Skinny Protein Cookies from the new My Protein Active Women range in the favours Lemon and White Chocolate and Cranberry and White Chocolate and I have to say, these are definitely a great snack post workout or when you’re feeling a bit peckish throughout the day. They’re pretty big too and high in protein, so I’ve been liking splitting these in half and that way I’ve been managing to make them last two days each. I haven’t tried the Active Women Protein Dessert yet as I’m not a massive dessert person, but it does sound really good and I’m excited to get stuck into this over the holidays! 

Have you tried any My Protein products before? What are you favourite protein items to eat? I’ve recently placed an order for some protein pancake mix and protein pasta and I can’t wait for them to come! 


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(*this post may contain items gifted to me for PR purposes*)