My New Skin Saviours from Kiehl’s

For some time now I’ve thought that I’ve had my skincare routine down to an absolute Tee, but then something happened and I had the worst breakout ever. I have no idea what made my face erupt into a mountain scape, especially since it wasn’t any where near that hormonal time of the month, but I can tell you for a fact that it was the hardest breakout ever to get rid of. No matter what I tired, no matter how many times I exfoliated, cleansed and used charcoal face masks on my face, the spots would just not budge. It was like as soon as I saw the light at the end of the tunnel with one spot, another would pop up on the other side of my chin. I felt like a dot-to-dot and I did not feel attractive at all. Nothing was helping and it was really starting to get me down. That was until my friend Emily introduced me to Kiehl’s and more specifically these two glorious products from the Blue Herbal range. I was sat at her house one day complaining about my skin and she just handed me these two bottles and told me to go and wash my face with them. The next day, I woke up with my skin looking so much clearer and my spots had almost completely dried up. These products are literally miracle workers! 

The Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser is an oil-free, non-drying acne cleanser that contains salicylic acid and ginger root extract. It’s recommended to use this twice daily but for me, if I use this even once a day, I can feel my skin getting a little dry. It definitely does it’s job though and my skin always feels so stripped back and clean after I’ve used it. I now use this twice a week and then also use my other skincare items around this as I did before. The little angel of a tube that is the Blue Herbal Spot Treatment has been a life saver for me over the past couple of weeks. With the same ingredients as the Gel Cleanser, this gel is a concentrated formula that you apply to your spots and pores to dry out current spots and to prevent new spots from forming. I don’t really know how to describe these products as I’m not really sure about the science behind them and how they work, but they just do. They work and my skin is looking so much better since I’ve started using these and I cannot recommend them any more. For only £32 for the two products as well I think these are so great for kicking the spots and keeping your skin clear. 

These have become such a staple in my skincare routine now and I am so excited to start trying some more of Kiehl’s products after these have been such a success for my skin. I’ve heard such amazing things in the past but never thought they could be as good as they actually are. I’m definitely going to be adding some to my Christmas list and treating myself in the new year after working so much in December. What are your favourite Kiehl’s products? Have you got any recommendations you can share?


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