Motivating Myself to Workout with Pink Soda Sport

For the last couple of weeks I have been in a complete loved up bubble and haven’t really been feeling at all myself when it comes to exercise. I haven’t really been bothered with working out and I’ve noticed a complete change in my attitude towards eating healthy and getting my ass into gear. To put it bluntly I’ve been a fat shit over the past month and have literally been eating everything in sight – in particular all of the chocolate. It’s not even Christmas yet and I’ve already been piling on the pounds; with my waist and stomach feeling a little chunkier than they have been all year I’ve decided that now’s the time to make the change. 2017 will be my year for sticking to my exercise and fitness routine. No question about it, my blog posts next year will not be the yo-yo-ing ‘fitness’ wannabe posts that they have been over these past six months and I will become healthier in myself again. I blame a lot of it on changing my routine up so much recently, from going through a break up, moving back to my family home and getting into a new relationship all within the space of three months but I also blame it on myself for just not being motivated at all.

Many of you may know that one thing that motivates me the most is new gym wear and so to get me ready for the new year and the cliché that is the ‘new me’, what better way than to pick out some new pieces? These bits from Pink Soda (a JD Sports own brand) are absolutely perfect to get me back into the workout mood. Practical yet stylish they make me feel really good about myself when I’m exercising and when I’m travelling to and from the gym. These Khaki and Grey Leggings and Zip up Sports Bra set are some of my new favourite from Pink Soda’s latest range and are perfect for the Winter months. I’m obsessed with the Copper insignia detailing too and love that the sports bra has a front zip fastening – it’s so much easier to do up than struggling to get something so tight over the top of my head! I also love the other two pieces that I picked out – with not loving my silhouette so much at the moment, this cropped, over-sized Tee is perfect for working  out in and the cropped 1/4 zip hoodie is so cosy and just amazing for popping on after I’ve finished to keep myself warm. I feel fantastic in these pieces by Pink Soda and even though I’m not feeling my best at the moment physically, wearing these new items makes me want to work out to feel my best in them! I’m really looking forward to having all of the temptations of Christmas out of the way so that I can fully get back on  track for my 2017 fitness plan! 

I’ll be back in the new year with my fitness plan for you so keep an eye on the blog and more specifically the ‘fitness’ section to see how I get on with my new targets! Have you got any new motivation tips at all? Are you planning anything different for how you workout in 2017? I’d love to know in the comments! 


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(*this post may contain items gifted to me for PR purposes*)