How to have a #GuiltFreeChristmas with Results with Lucy

As I headed up to Leeds on Friday with my boyfriend, stuffing my face with Jelly Babies and Chicken Sandwiches as we drove, I couldn’t help but think about how much of a hypocrite I was being. I was heading to the Results with Lucy Christmas Party and all I had been doing all day was cramming crap into my mouth and looking forward to drinking alcohol. Calorie overload or what?! I wore a skimpy dress that really loved hugging every little bit of weight I’ve put on over the last month and I felt hideous. I stood in front of Lucy and Cecilia telling them how I’ve been loving the On Demand + Programme that I’m on, when in reality I hadn’t actually logged into the site for a good 2 weeks. I’d done little bits of exercise, but hadn’t dedicated the time to working out like I should have been. I’ve done it again ladies, I’ve hit that period of a new relationship where I’ve just been ‘comfortable’. I spoke to Lucy for a bit about how to get back into training and trying to keep motivated and she was so lovely and told me that she had her naughty moments too, but that you just have to find the motivation inside you to train 4 times a week and keep watching what you eat. I felt much better and so much more inspired after talking to her that I started enjoying my evening a little more and didn’t feel too bad about the 5 (or 7) glasses of champagne that I consumed, especially seeing Lucy drinking hers too and picking up a few of the appetisers that were floating around! I had a lovely evening and meeting Lucy and Cecilia has definitely kick started my motivation again – just in time for Christmas!



Speaking of Christmas, I thought that this week (after a couple of weeks without a fitness post), I would share the #GuiltFreeChristmas campaign that Lucy, Cecilia and the rest of the Results with Lucy team are promoting this year. It’s one that, as I’ve been struggling recently with what I’ve been eating, I am so happy to get on board with. It’s such a great campaign and one that a lot of you will easily be able to follow too! With the average person eating around 6000 calories on Christmas Day (can you blame us?!), keeping trim over Christmas and saying ‘no’ to all of the unhealthy treats that usually await us can be near impossible. This year, Lucy wants you to relax and actually enjoy the festive period and have a week off! Yep! You, heard me correctly – there’s no shame and no pressure this year! As long as you work hard on the build up to Christmas, there’s no reason you can’t treat yourself. I’ll be following the On Demand + programme almost religiously on the run up to Christmas so that I can enjoy a week off from December the 24- 31st! Those Cocktails I want to have on Christmas Eve or that wine with the mammoth dinner on Christmas Day? No problem! The Yule Log and endless tubs of Chocolates that will be passed around? Don’t worry about them! As long as you’re ready to kick start your fitness routine and watch what you’re eating again come January 1st (after the hangover has subsided of course), then have what you like this Christmas!


The On Demand + Programme has over 400 workout videos and 350 + recipes for you to chose from on the run up to and after your week of festivness, so there’s no excuse not to shape up from the comfort of your own home in the new year. Results with Lucy is (as I’ve always said) such a great platform and with a quick search on social media for #RWLFitties, there’s a whole load of motivation just waiting for you. It’s a great community as well as a fitness program and the perfect way to start out your 2017! You can find all of the information you need at and with plans starting at just £14 a month, it’s a perfect Christmas present to yourself!