Getting Party Ready with the Mark Hill Pic ‘n’ Mix Stylers

 For a long time I never bothered styling my hair much more than just throwing it up into a bun or a high pony (If you can even call that styling). With hair almost as far down as my bum, it was hard to do anything with my hair without it taking two hours or only holding for ten minutes because of the weight. When I cut my hair shorter last year to around my shoulders I was still in the same habit of just brushing through my hair on a daily basis and not doing anything else with it and so this year when I got it cut that little bit shorter again, I thought I’d invest in some tools and products that would help me do that little bit extra with my hair each morning. I was looking in Boots for a new curling wand with a thicker barrel one day when I came across the Mark Hill Pic ‘n’ Mix collection; having heard lots about Mark Hill over the past couple of months I thought whilst they were on special offer, I’d get a couple and try them out and I have not looked back since.


The Pic ‘n’ Mix range from Mark Hill is such a great idea. Basically, once you’ve bought the styling handle you can buy the barrels separately and have 2, 3, or even 4 different stylers in one. I started off by just getting the Elliptical styler as I thought that would be perfect for the kind of waves I was looking for, but after just a couple of weeks, I was already back in Boots buying another two as well! I now actually have four of the adapters and change up the way I curl my hair every time. I love the fact that I don’t have to have 4/5 different bulky stylers out ready to go all at once. I have a little box next to my mirror where I keep the barrels and always have one on the handle ready to go. They’re so easy to chop and change that it’s literally no hassle at all and perfect for my indecisive mind! My favourite of the four that I have, has to be the corkscrew barrel as it just creates the most incredible tight curls which look so cool with my new shorter hair. Next to that has to be the medium barrel as it leaves me with the most natural looking beachy waves which is perfect now that my hair is shorter and the curls last so much longer in my hair!


To go along with my new stylers I also purchased two of the Mark Hill Hair care range to help look after my hair as I style it. As my hair can be quite flat, I bought the Blow Dry Spray to add a little life into my roots. I’ve never really had much luck with volumising products before but spraying this into my hair before I blow dry, I’ve definitely seen a difference and love the look it gives my hair with the extra lift! Especially when I then curl my hair – it’s just a really lovely style! Last but not least I also bought the Heat Protection Spray as I like to keep my hair as healthy as I can. I think it’s a bit of a no brainer when it comes to using heated tools on your hair to try and protect them as best as you can and this spray seems to be doing a really good job and keeping my hair healthy.


I’d definitely recommend the Mark Hill range if you’re looking for some new stylers or even some new hair care products! I’ve used their conditioner in the past too and I literally just cannot fault them as a brand. I can’t wait to hopefully get my hands on some more bits in the new year to try out too. Have you got any recommendations at all for me to try?




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