Nutribuddy 14 Day Weightloss Kit Review

It’s now been just over two weeks since I started my Nutribuddy 14 day weight loss kit and so I thought it was about time that I reviewed it for you! So, if you didn’t know, over the last couple of weeks I have been trying out the 14 day weight loss kit from Nutribuddy. You can read my First Impressions post to find out my initial thoughts, but as a quick over view its a kit comprised of a 14 day supply of Sculpting Whey, Hunger Fix tablets, Multivitamin tablets and a Nutribuddy shaker. Taking all three supplements everyday along with a healthy diet (which is made easier with the inclusion of a little recipe book) is supposed to help aid quicker weight loss.

I must admit that it’s been a little bit of a struggle, remembering to take the Hunger Fix tablets up to an hour before each meal has been my main failure and I’ve often only managed to take them once a day, however overall with taking the supplements and Sculpting Whey for the last two weeks I have seen a difference in my size. One thing  I want to point out here is that I don’t weigh myself; I started doing it a little last year, but after getting myself so down over the numbers I decided that it was for the best that I stop worrying about them. I like to judge my ‘weight’ and size on how I’m feeling and how I look. Appearance and how I feel in myself is the main reason that I work out and try and eat healthily and so that’s all I really care about these days. Like they say, a picture speaks 1000 words and if I’m happy with how I look then that’s all that matters to me. At the moment, I haven’t been loving how I’ve been feeling in my body or how I’ve been looking,  but as you can tell from my ‘after’ photos above, I’m starting to feel a little better about the way that I’m looking. I haven’t included my ‘before’ photos in this post because even though there isn’t too much difference in them overall, I just was not happy with them being on the internet.

Over the past two weeks the Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey has been my favourite product to take out of this weight loss kit. I find it so easy to mix myself up a scoop of whey powder and some water (less calories than milk) and drink it quickly either after a workout or as a snack during the day. The Vanilla flavour that I was kindly sent is absolutely delicious and so it’s become something I look forward to drinking each day instead of something that could have been a bit of a chore. I’ve definitely found with other protein powders in the past that I haven’t liked the flavour of, that it takes a lot more effort to remember to drink it when the taste isn’t that great and that’s one thing that Nutribuddy have most definitely gotten right here. The Multivitamin tablets are something that I’ve been taking as soon as I wake up in the morning; I go through stages in my eating habits where I often don’t eat a whole lot of the right things and so I’ve always thought that taking vitamin tablets is quite an essential thing for me. The Nutribuddy Multivitamin tablets make these nice and easy as everything I should need is in one tablet that is (although a little larger than I’d like) a lot easier to swallow than some of the other much bigger vitamin tablets out there on the market. I love the fact that the multivitamins are included in this weight loss kit as it makes me feel more secure in knowing that I’m having the right nutrients going into my body.

I’ve been really happy with the weightloss kit and even though it’s made for a 14 day supply, with how I’ve been using the hunger fix tablets and how much of the sculpting whey I’ve been using for each shake, I actually have quite a bit left over to continue taking. I’ve noticed really nice subtle changes in the way that I’m slimming down and looking and actually how I’ve been feeling in myself with taking the Nutribuddy products and I’ve really liked the kit. I think when I’m in a better ‘fitness’ mindset in the future especially, I would definitely repurchase this to try and complete again as I think it could make so much more difference taken properly with me. It’s already made me feel slimmer and better as it is over the last couple of weeks of me mostly just drinking the sculpting whey and remembering to take the Hunger Fix tablets for my main meals, so I definitely think this would be worth the money to do again in the near future! I’d love to know if you’ve tried Nutribuddy at all or if you’re thinking of giving the kit ago?


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