Facetox 7 Day face mask review

When it comes to that time of the month, or any part of the month really where my hormones are at their best (or worst in this situation) my skin tends to have a little bit of a hissy fit and I break out quite a bit around my chin area. I’m gonna hold my hands up now and say that I am by no means prone to acne and I am incredibly lucky with how little my skin does break out, but around certain times in the month I do usually get a cluster of really annoying (and usually quite large and painful) spots around my chin that are quite a pain in the ass to get rid of! I have a couple of skincare saviours that usually manage to keep them under control, however I’ve never really found anything that completely settles the beasts in one hit before. Recently, I was very kindly sent one of Facetox’s 7 day boxes to try out and I have been incredibly happy with how well they’ve managed to tame my spots! Facetox is basically a kit that comes with either a 7 or 14 day supply of face mask packs that you mix together yourself and a little bowl and spatula to do your mixing in. The packets included are Rose Water and a ‘Unique Blend of Clay’ which you mix together each day to create your face mask. Each mix should give you enough face mask for a thick coating of your face (like in my gorgeous photo above), but I’ve found that each mix has actually enough for two people – so myself and my sister shared these each day! However, the mix does take quite a while to dry out, so with a little drop of water and a stir, you could make each pack last two days and have either a 14 day or a 28 day supply! 

Now, when I first applied this face mask, I did so in the middle of the day, when I was taking these blog photos. I skimmed over the instructions and thought I knew how do it and half an hour later I went to the sink and washed it off with hot water and a lot of scrubbing and I was absolutely petrified when I was left with a bright red face. I’m not talking a little red here, I’m talking, rings around my eyes, looking like a layer of my skin had been removed kind of thing. I freaked out like there was no tomorrow for about twenty minutes, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to go to London the next day, that I was going to permanently have a red face – it was not a good time for me. And then…. I read the back of the packet for the Rose Water as I was cleaning up and read that it’s probably best to apply in the evening as you may have a red face for up to half an hour later and it is normal and will fade. I must admit I had a little cry of happiness and also felt like a complete idiot all at the same time. Lesson learnt – always read the instructions!! My face faded back to it’s normal colour within about 45 minutes to an hour and my skin felt the most incredible that it had ever felt. 

After a weeks worth of face masks (and doing them properly at night time) my skin felt amazing. These masks really did detoxify my skin and leave it feeling so smooth and just overall incredible. I did find it a little bit of a pain in the ass that it left my skin so red afterwards though because sometimes you just don’t look good at all and also sometimes I didn’t want to do the face mask in the evening. One of my favourite things is to wake up in the morning, go to the gym and put on a face mask as I catch up with some blogging (not that I’ve done that in over two weeks haha) but I just felt like I couldn’t do this with these face masks. However, saying all of that, for a one week detoxifying skin pick me up, this kit is great and I really would recommend it! Facetox is  such a unique idea and I would definitely use it again in the future! 


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