Zombie Cheerleader; Easy Halloween Makeup Look

Finally we are at that time of the year again where I can become completely obsessed with Halloween on my blog. As some of you may know, I am a Halloween baby and was born on Halloween in 1994 (which makes me 22 this year just FYI) and so Halloween in my house is usually a pretty big deal each year. This year, now that I’m back at home and am back around my crazy older sister, I’ll be heading off to Woodchester Mansion for a Halloween party like no other and I literally cannot wait. We really do go all out for this bash, I’m talking Limo and all here and so for the past couple of weeks I have been racking my brains to decide what to go as. You really cannot go half-assed at this party either, it really is go big or go home and so for this year I thought I would go as a zombie cheerleader! It’s a costume that I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years now and so I thought that this year would finally be the year that I just go for it! 

I found the perfect cheerleader costume on the Party Delights website and decided to go from there with the kind of look that I was going to go for. I didn’t want anything slutty or anything that was too pre-zombified (if that makes any sense) as I wanted to try and make the look as realistic as I could. I still don’t think I have the outfit quite perfected, but I think on the night I’ll be able to rough it up a bit more and just go a bit crazy with all of the fake blood. For this post, I’ve focused more on the makeup to make sure I’ve got what I want down to a tee and to show you lovely lot how I’m going to try and style my zombie cheerleader look for this halloween. 

For a full, step-by-step guide on how I achieved this look, make sure you head on over to the Party Delights blog as I’ve done a guest post for them on this look too, but for a quick over view, I’ve listed the steps below! 

Zombie Cheerleader Makeup

  • Apply base makeup as usual. Foundation, contour, eyes, etc. 
  • Using a fluffy brush and a matte grey shade, add shadow bruises to your face.
  • Make sure to focus on the hollows of your eyes, around your nose and on your forehead and neck. 
  • Using a deep matte red lipstick(I used MAC Viva Glam 2), dab onto your shadowed areas. Be careful to blend well with more eyeshadow and not go over board with the red. 
  • Using a matte brown shade and a slightly larger brush go over the contour and shadows for a more ‘deadly’ look. Hollow out your cheeks, temples and along your collar bone.
  • Using a lighter foundation / concealer, fill in all none-shadowed areas and cover your lips
  • Glue on the Special FX barbed wire split scar kit and blend with lighter shaded foundation and ‘bruise’ shadowing
  • Apply fake blood around the mouth area and dripping from neck scar down 

As you can tell, I’m pretty excited for Halloween to come around now and can’t wait for the run up to my birthday! As I mentioned above, don’t forget to check out the Party Delights blog for a more in-depth how-to for this makeup look! Let me know what other quick and easy makeup looks you’d like me to do on the run up to Halloween, I’d love to do some more for you all! 


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