Rimmel London Scandaleyes Reloaded Review

Being a blogger there are times when I am fortunate enough to receive packages from brands containing new products for me to try out and review on my blog. I have always been super grateful for these times and consider myself so lucky to be able to work with such incredible brands on a daily basis, however recently one package in particular popped through my door and I almost cried at how excited I was to be working with them. On a day where I wasn’t feeling particularly good about my content and my blog as a whole, one little package from Rimmel London had the almighty powers to kick my bum back into gear and keep me motivated to continue doing what I love. If there’s one thing I need to quickly interject with here, it’s that I by no means blog for the ‘free stuff’ but because I absolutely love writing about beauty and fashion, but having opportunities like this, to be sent products by one of my favourite brands to review, is definitely an amazing perk of doing what I do. It’s very humbling to know that brands like Rimmel (and all of the other amazing brands that I work with) want to work with me. Anyway, soppy bit done! On to the review…

Rimmel London’s Scandaleyes Mascara has always been one that I have been a massive fan of. For the price point and how amazing it makes your natural lashes look, it’s been one that I’ve repurchased time and time again since I first even started wearing makeup back when I was 15! The new Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara, fronted by the gorgeous Cara Delevinge, is an even more dramatic black mascara for ‘dangerously bold, lethally full lashes’ and has been designed to be super easy to remove too. With the extra help of the new Max Density brush and the new ‘reloaded’ formula, this mascara leaves my lashes feeling fuller, longer and just more badass overall and with no clumps! I’ve never been the kind of girl to shy away from big lashes and as someone who cannot for the life of her apply false ones, this is the kind of mascara that will always get my vote. Natural, big lashes is a must have look for me on the daily and the Scandaleyes Reloaded has definitely got me covered for that. With two colours, Black and Intensley Black, this mascara is perfect for anyone that loves a dramatic eye or just for anyone that loves a mascara that is easy to apply and even easier to remove. The new formulation means that this product can be removed with just a bit of hot water making it simple to look good all day and feel good all night without having the product left on as you sleep – no need to be lazy with this one! With a 24 hour staying power (which I haven’t quite tested just yet but it does last a bloody long time) and an intense look that is sweat proof, smudge proof and humidity proof, (which I can definitely say is the case) this mascara should be number 1 on every girls list of favourites! I’ve really loved trying out this mascara and it’s definitely one that I’m reaching for most days now!


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