Results With Lucy On Demand; Finding a Fitness Routine thats right for me

 Since I moved home, almost three months ago now (what?!), my fitness game has been a little all over the place. I’ve been in the gym once a week for circuits with my dad and I’ve been on a couple of runs, as I mentioned in my last blog post, but other than that, I think I’ve kind of lost my mojo a little bit. With starting a new part time job, focusing most of my energy on my blog and seeing someone new, I’ve been struggling a little more than I’d like to admit with keeping up the fitness routine that I had before. I think with the way that I was living in Manchester, which was so much more structured, it was easy for me to fit in regular exercise; I knew what I was doing on which days and it was really simple to slip in a bootcamp class on Tuesdays, PT on a Wednesday and a couple of Results with Lucy workouts throughout the rest of the week and weekend. Now that I’m living at home however and I’m not working regular hours and I’m trying to fit in seeing someone else around their work schedule, I’ve definitely been lacking motivation to get into the gym or to get up and do a workout. Whenever I do have time during the days that I’m not working. I always try and get as much blog admin / photography and writing done as I can first and then by that time I never really find myself in the mood to work out. I think what I’m trying to say is that at the moment my priorities are a little wrong and I definitely want to change that.

Results with Lucy, my trusty online workout platform (created by Lucy Mecklenburgh) have however now released a plan that I think will just be perfect for me. Created specifically for those that like to be their own boss when it comes to working out, the On Demand program gives you the flexibility and freedom of logging in and working out whenever you want and working out whatever you want. Filled jam packed full of 400+ workout videos and over 350+ recipes, the On Demand program literally is perfect for anyone just wanting to do their own thing. With all of my restrictions at the moment, the On Demand flexibility is just going to be an absolute life saver and since I can take the workouts with me where ever I go I can even make use of the facilities of my gym and still have my own personal workout and trainer at the press of a ‘play’ button! 

I know I’ve probably mentioned this before, but having someone telling me what to do keeps me so much more focused in the gym. I’ve had a couple of years of having personal trainers and paying them ridiculous amounts of money each week for them to tell me how to workout and what to do in my sessions and I think that’s one thing that I really love about the Results with Lucy On Demand program; for only £14 a month you still get that personal touch where you have someone walking you through the workouts and pushing you more than you normally would yourself (even though they’re not in the room with you). It’s a really great concept and with workouts that cater for every ability from beginner to advanced, this new program really does tick every box. I especially love that you get to create your own workouts as most clips are around 5-10 minutes long; fancy a leg day? No problem, just choose a couple of leg focused workouts (which are easily accessible thanks to the colour coding Results with Lucy have attached to the videos). Fancy an arms only or a full body workout? No problem, just pick the videos you want to complete and workout to your hearts content! It’s the perfect kind of workout for me, because not only do I get the freedom of ‘creating’ my own workout, but I still have the trainers pushing me and talking me through the workouts as I go!

For an extra £3.50 a month you can get unlimited access to the site’s 350+ recipes too and from experience, that little extra cash is definitely worth it when it comes to the meals and snacks that are on Results with Lucy. Coming from a rather fussy person when it comes to her food, I can easily vouch for how easy and healthy these recipes are. Think normal, feel-good, home cooked meals, just a little healthier. No fancy, overly expensive ingredients, just good food cooked properly to ensure you’re eating healthy and balanced meals. To be honest, I think the recipe section of Results with Lucy is worth the membership in itself! 

It’s safe to say that as I type this, I’m a little bit excited to get started on my first On Demand workout! As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’ve had a bit of a motivation slump recently, but writing this post and having a look around the site for my first impressions, has actually made me want to get up off my ass and complete something! Make sure you go and check out the Results with Lucy page as the new On Demand plan is available now! I’ll make sure to keep you updated over the next couple of weeks to let you know how I’m getting on and what my favourite exercises / recipes are! As always, a massive thank you to the team at Results with Lucy for gifting me with a plan to keep me in shape! 


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