Quick & Easy; Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

For my final Halloween Makeup Tutorial before the big day, I’ve decided to go 100% basic bitch and bring you a Harley Quinn tutorial! Ever since Suicide Squad was released earlier this year, I think every girl has fallen in love with Harley a bit, me included! To be honest I’m not entirely sure if I want to be her or be with her (Margot Robbie playing her of course), but either way, I knew that a massive part of me wanted to dress up as her for halloween. So in collaboration with Party Delights again, I’ve created a really easy Harley Quinn makeup look for you and you can of course purchase the Harley Quinn Adult Costume from them! Before I even started my makeup I also used the Blue and Red Hair Sprays from Party Delights to get the same effect as Harley has! 

Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

Step 1 – Apply a normal foundation base (however slightly lighter than your normal shade) and lightly fill in your eyebrows as usual. Apply a small amount of contour to shape your face.

Step 2 – Using Snazaroo Red and Blue face paint, apply to your eye lids (blue to the left, red to the right) and blend out slightly under your eye so that it looks messy! Apply eyeliner as normal and smudge out underneath the eye.

Step 3 – Using Liquid Eyeliner or Snazaroo Black Face paint, paint on a small heart under the red eye and also write in ‘ROTTEN’ along the cheek to make up Harley’s tattoo.

Step 4 – Apply a bright red lipstick to your lips

Step 5 – Using two fingers, smudge your lipstick down from your lips towards your chin on the side of your face with the blue eyeshadow. 

I hope you like this quick and easy Harley Quinn Halloween tutorial! I’m aware it’s not the best out there, but for those of you needing a little last minute inspiration or need something that’s quick and easy to recreate then this is the one for you! I really love what I’ve managed to create and cannot wait for this weekend to roll around! 


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