Fitness Update; End of RWL HIIT Harder & Getting Back into Running!

It seems like I’m apologising on here a lot lately, but for this latest update I am very sorry on how delayed it has been. I actually finished my Results with Lucy HIIT Harder program over a week and a half ago now, but I have been so busy with settling into my new routine with my new part-time job that I’ve just been so out of sync with my blog and updating you guys like I should have been. For my last couple of weeks on the HIIT Harder plan I really was struggling with motivation; I know I thought it was all picking up again in my last Results with Lucy update post but even after that I was just really lacking with wanting to get up and finish the work outs. Like I’ve said before, I sometimes go in and out of wanting to work out and at the moment HIIT sessions just aren’t tickling my fancy, which has been so frustrating as I’ve been coming to the end of my Results with Lucy sessions. I have honestly loved the HIIT Harder plan though and really would recommend it to anyone as the workouts are fab for blitzing the belly fat and toning you up, I’m just disappointed in myself more than anything for not sticking with it for every exercise like I had planned. I am however, really proud of the progress I’ve made in my fitness. Even though my eating hasn’t been consistently healthy throughout these past 12-14 weeks, I have managed to keep improving on my fitness levels with every workout I’ve done. It may mean that my body isn’t quite where I want it to be in terms of how toned I am and the definition I wanted by the end of HIIT harder, but I am very impressed by my overall fitness. I’ve managed to at least maintain my body though and I am very happy with that – at least I haven’t been going backwards! Results with Lucy has been such a great program to work through and until my schedule changed a couple of weeks back, it’s been the perfect thing to get me up an exercising regularly. I recommend it to literally everybody who asks me how I keep active and definitely think it’s such a great site for full body workouts. If you’re busy, like me, it’s the best thing since sliced bread for building up your fitness and burning the calories at the same time and I cannot wait to start my new program with them soon (more on that later).


Since I’ve finished HIIT harder over these past two weeks, I’ve been at a bit of a loss as to what to do exercise wise. Obviously, I’ve been continuing to swim as I have been since I moved home but I’ve wanted to do something else to, to keep me interested in exercising. It seems that my attention span with what exercises excite me is quite small at the moment and so I’ve needed to shake it up a bit and get out and do something different. One thing that I have always hated doing and have really not been interested in at all has been running, but having seen S (the guy I’m seeing) complete two half marathons in the last month it’s given me a bit of a kick up the ass to start running again. Last week I woke up and decided to just go for a run – a big shock for most people that know me to be honest and I wasn’t expecting to accomplish a lot at all, let alone to run a 5K! And, may I add, that I ran that 5K 8 minutes faster than I’ve ever ran a 5K before?! AND I’ve been on another one since and got my time down again by a full 2 and a half minutes! I am seriously questioning who I am right now, but I am so happy with the new fitness route that I’m going down and I hope that the motivation to get up and go for a run sticks with me for the next couple of weeks! With my new working / blogging routine, I’m finding it difficult to get everything done and so keeping up my motivation and getting all of my work done is something that I’m now focusing on 100%. I think I’ll probably be doing an organisation post soon, so let me know in the comments if you’d want to see one of those over the next couple of weeks!

Anyway, I’ve recently been working a little bit with USN and I thought I would just talk to you quickly about these lovely workout pieces that they’ve sent me to try out. I wore these out on a run the other day and I have to say they are so comfortable to work out in. The sports bra is so supportive and well fitting (especially for a size 8 and slightly bigger boobs) and the leggings were so easy to run in with no irritation at all, which is something I usually get from some of my other fitness leggings. They also have a super handy pocket at the back for a key to fit in, which is perfect for me as I literally just shove my phone into my sports bra when I run and off I go!

I will be starting a new Results with Lucy program in the next couple of weeks that I really think will suit my lifestyle so much better right now, so I will be back with another post explaining all about that soon. You can keep following my blog with Bloglovin’ for that update! Let me know in the comments if you would like any other fitness specific blog posts in the mean time!


What I’m wearing:

USN Womans Sportsbra 

USN Womans Black Leggings

Nike Running Shoes (similar here)