An Evening with Swimwear 365

Back towards the beginning of July, when I was still living in Manchester, I attended an event with Swimwear 365 for National Bikini day. I know this post is so late to the game as it’s now October and holiday season is pretty much over, but I just still had to tell you about this event. Surprisingly I hadn’t heard of Swimwear 365 before, but I have to say that having looked through their collections at the event and trying on the bikini that I was so kindly gifted, I’ll definitely be heading back to their site for all of my swimwear needs in the future. As you can see from the images above, we had a great evening with a lovely barbecue and cocktails on the rooftop of the St John Street Hotel in Manchester and I had the best time browsing over the new collections with my bae Han (from Hannah Gets Hench). My favourite from the collections had to be the Tropical selection and also the Retro and it was great fun getting the chance to feel the materials and see the items up close and personal as you don’t always get to do that before you purchase with online retailers. We had a great evening and it was so lovely to enjoy an event and have fun with friends instead of it all being just about the business side of things! It all felt so much more relaxed and meant that we actually got the chance to have a little snoop at the collections whilst still enjoying the gorgeous food and cocktails that the brand had put on for us. Swimwear 365 and Label PR sure know how to put on an event! 

At the end of the event we were all very kindly sent home with a goody bag full to the brim with exciting new summer essential products and were also gifted with an item of our choice from the range. The Swimwear365 branded beach towel has to hands down be the best thing I’ve ever been sent away with at an event as it’s just so cosy and so practical for me. If you’ve read any of my fitness posts recently, you’ll know that I swim a lot and so to have such a lovely big towel to take with me is just perfect! For my bikini of choice, I was very kindly gifted the gorgeous Multi-coloured Triangle Bikini from a brand called Chiemsee, which I would not have found had I not browsed the Swimwear365 collections. This bikini is absolutely perfect for me and fits me like an absolute dream, something that I’m not at all familiar with when it comes to swimwear. Being a size 8, yet having slightly bigger boobs (32DD) is often quite problematic for me when it comes to buying bikinis. I’m usually that awkward one that has to buy separates (making it more expensive) just to get the sizes that I need to properly cover me top and bottom! With Swimwear 365 however, the sizes seems to be perfect for every body shape and I managed to get a size 8 bikini that was specifically for my sized boobs! When it arrived and fit me like a glove I was literally so happy and would 100% recommend their website to anyone I know that has the same issue with me when it comes to finding appropriate swimwear. I mean, Misguided and Boohoo are great, but when it comes to a size 8 bikini and the top triangles barely cover my nipples, it ain’t all that fantastic to be honest. 

I had a fantastic evening celebrating national bikini day with Swimwear365 and I can’t wait to start planning outfits for my holiday to the Dominican Republic next year now so that I can get back online and pick up a couple more of their gorgeous bikinis! 


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