Staying Stress Free; How to De-Stress & keep calm

This past week I’ve been finding it quite difficult to stay calm and not completely panic about my future. With moving home and declaring to the world that I’m going to start blogging full time, the pressure really has been on and even though I have the most supportive parents and I am 100% supported with my decisions, it kinda all hit me at once. I have made a massive decision. Then of course, I got the worlds worst bloggers block ever and I haven’t written a post in about a week. Talk about worst timing ever or what?! So sitting back down at my computer with the intentions to write a new blog post (and not at all to procrastinate by sending my besties snapchats of me singing McFly) I thought I would talk to you about the ways that I de-stress when everything is just getting a bit too much. 

For me, there are very familiar signs for me and my family when everything is getting on top of me. For a start, my room becomes an absolute pig sty of a mess and I suddenly lose all motivation to keep it clean and tidy. The second sign is that my sleeping pattern gets really messed up, because obviously the time to worry about things is at 2am – thanks for that brain! When I get myself into this mess I usually just go with it for a few days. There’s nothing worse than when I’m feeling stressed out to put more pressure on me than there is needed. This time around I’m pretty sure it was all set off by an extremely messy drunken night out and my decisions over the past month. So, as I normally would, I just took a day or three to recover from that before getting my ass into gear and getting back on track. Waking up this morning I made sure I got up out of bed as soon as I woke up, put on my gym gear to get me motivated and started tidying up! Making sure that I’m ready to push myself out of the funk that is stress and having a lack of motivation is the first most important step to making myself feel better; if I’m not 100% ready to give it my all the I’m probably just going to end up back in the same position a few days later. I always like to give myself the time to chill out and be a slob for a day or two so that I can give myself the time that my body is clearly craving to recuperate a bit! And that takes me to my favourite ways to de-stress and keep calm, which I am going to tell you now!

1.  Let someone else in on the situation. My number one way to destress is to always share my issues. I often find texting my closest fiends or having a good chat with my mum always makes me feel a little better. That old saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is so true. You may not have all of your issues sorted there and then, but it doesn’t half release the load a little bit and make you feel like your problems are a little more manageable now that someone else knows!

2. Get yourself off to the gym. This one is one of my favourites. As you all know, I’m a bit of a fitness junkie (if you didn’t you, can check out my fitness posts here) and there is nothing better to me than getting in the gym and squatting my stresses away or getting in the pool for a long calming swim. I know a lot of people find exercising more stressful, but to me, it’s one of my happy places and it’s a known fact that exercise does have some stress reducing benefits! The endorphins created when you exercise give you that feel-good feeling and always give you a boost, no matter how stressed you are! If I’ve had a particularly stressful day, there’s nothing better than going to a circuits class or smashing a mile’s swim!

3. Take yourself out of the situation. This one is usually a little easier said than done, but when I’m feeling a little extra stressed out I always find it nice to go and do something different for a while. Mum and I decided to go for a walk and a picnic the other day in the countryside around our house and it was so lovely to get out and just enjoy an afternoon together. We packed up my new Vonshef Wicker Picnic Hamper (or should I say Mum did, bless her) and headed off for a little stroll. It was such a lovely day that we had a really nice time just sitting and having a girly gossip whilst eating our sandwiches and salads! The Vonshef hamper was perfect to take with us too as it’s really easy to carry with it’s handle and comes equipped with all of the crockery and plates and basically everything you can imagine that you’d need on a picnic. I also loved that it comes with a picnic blanket because we literally could not find ours anywhere! Having an afternoon away from all of our stresses and just having some Mummy-Daughter time was perfect for us and was made so easy thanks to this picnic hamper!

4. Tackle things one at a time. One of my biggest issues when I am feeling overwhelmed is that I never know how to tackle my issues. I’ve recently found that writing down the things that I’m stressed about and then ranking them in order of what’s the highest priority really helps me organise things in my brain so I can tackle things one at a time.  I’m a bit of an organisational girl as it is, but there’s something really calming about having things ordered and knowing how I’m going to go about completing them. Even if your stresses aren’t things that can be sorted out easily or even something that’s in your control, having it written down and out of your head can sometimes just take a weight off of your shoulders too. 

5. Have a bath! Nothing better than soaking away and forgetting everything you have to worry about. My favourite kind of de-stressing baths are those that contain some kind of LUSH product. Take a bath bomb, bubble bar, or a face mask and detoxify your body at the same time as having some time to yourself and just relaxing instead of worrying what is going on around you. Your stresses will soon seem slightly more trivial and you should (fingers crossed you chose the right bath bomb) feel calmer all round!

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