RWL Week 8,9 & 10 | Setting Realistic Goals, The pain of DOMS & Portion sizes!

I actually feel motivated to work out at the moment. Last week I even went for a swim every day. Yep, you heard me right.  Every single day, I went for a swim. Not just a little one either, like a full on 1km swim – sometimes even a bloody mile! I don’t know where this new lease of life has come from, but I am feeling super motivated and I am just going with it! Yesterday marked Week 10, Day 66 for me on my Results with Lucy plan and the workouts are getting tough now! As expected this late into the plan, I am feeling really sore after the workouts and the next day DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) have been killer recently, especially today. As sadistic as it sounds though, I really love it when I can feel a pang of pain as to me that just means I’ve been working my body hard! Although saying that, squatting down to pick things up has been an absolute task! I’m loving the progress I’m making again though and feel less guilty about the past couple of rubbish weeks that I’ve had. Having so much free time now has given me the absolute kick up the arse that I’ve really needed to get back into training properly. At the beginning of this 12 week HIIT Harder course, I knew exactly what I wanted from the plan and how I wanted my body to look at the end. During this time, with my good weeks, my bad weeks, the breakup and now the stage that I’m at now, I’ve come to realise that my goals probably weren’t all that realistic, but that I’m still happy with how things are going. I am actually (for the most part) liking what I see when I look in the mirror at my body and the little bits of definition that I can see (especially when I pose) are making me feel like all of this is worth it.


Week 8 and 9 & 10 on the HIIT Harder plan have been challenging to say the least. I mentioned it above, but these sessions are becoming killer and yesterday’s session almost even defeated me. I’m gonna be honest here and say I haven’t done all of the 10 sessions of the past two weeks, because lets be honest I probably wouldn’t be me if I had stuck to doing all of them, but where I haven’t done a session, I have still been for a long swim or a circuits class with daddy at my local gym. As much as I could easily only do my Results with Lucy sessions, being back in my home town and having my lovely quiet little members only gym to go to really does de-stress me and I also love getting back in there with my daddy for some quality bonding time! There really is nothing like a HIIT Session with RWL though – I tell you now, I used to think circuits was hard but RWL are really pushing the boat out with the HIIT Harder sessions. Yesterday’s session had one legged burpees. Excuse me, what?! I had to do a double take when they were telling me what to do. Let’s just say that wasn’t my most graceful of exercises ever!


Over on the other side of my HIIT Harder journey is the meal plan. Now, even though my eating still isn’t perfect, I’ve been doing lots better than I have over the past couple of weeks and I am proud of myself for starting to cut back again and eat healthier meals. I did really well in Manchester with sticking to the meal plan, however being back at home and having my Mum cook me meals isn’t making my life that easy. I love her to bits (and yes I know you’re reading this Mum) and she does try the healthier meals but she just is not at one with the kitchen. For this reason, I’m doing my best now to get back into the cooking mojo and making healthy meals for us all whilst Mum and Dad are out of the house during the day. After all, I have the time whilst I’m blogging from home – no excuses really! One of the main things I really have been trying to focus on though, no matter what meal I’m eating (I’m talking one of RWL’s Pesto Chicken Salads or even Mum’s speciality of beans, chips and chicken goujons) is controlling my portion sizes. I am really bad at having eyes bigger than my belly and eat sooo much without stopping myself or thinking about how much food I’m putting into my body and it’s something I really need to get under control. I literally have no issues with going to McDonalds and ordering large fries with a Big Mac and a McChicken Sandwich and a Vanilla shake. Like seriously somebody stop me; It is disgusting. So that is one thing that I am massively trying to get under control for my last two weeks of the HIIT Harder plan as I really think it will make all of the difference to my physique. It’s pointless really working out as much as I am when I’m just fuelling my body with utter shit / too much.


Even though I haven’t completely stuck to it the whole way through I’m actually going to be really sad when HIIT Harder is over. I know I’m a member of my gym now and can go to a couple classes there and do my own workouts in the studio, but I think I’m definitely going to have to start some research into what other Results With Lucy workout plans I can start up. I have been loving the structure of the workouts and the areas that each workout cover and I think that’s something that I’ll still need in my routine to keep me going and to keep me motivated!


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