Holy Grail Gym Products; 5 Things I Can’t Go to the Gym Without

Over the past couple of years I have most definitely become a lover of the gym. When I’m not off galavanting around the country following McFly, like I have been doing this week (which was incredible just FYI) I can usually be found in my gym around four or five times a week and so recently I’ve been trying to think of a couple more ways to express my love and interests with you than just my Results with Lucy review posts (which you can read here). One post that I’ve been wanting to do for you for quite some time now is a ‘What’s in my Gym Bag’ post, but as the bag I take to the gym is very much loved at the moment, I’m kind of waiting for the chance to get a new one before I do a post like that. However, I thought that following on from one of those kinds of posts that I could do a kind of ‘Holy Grail’ post for you and show you the top 5 things that I cannot leave the house without when I head off to the gym! 

First up is my Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Remover; this has always been a favourite of mine and I know it’s been a popular one for many beauty bloggers in the past too. For me, this is a necessity for when I go to the gym. I’m usually not one for makeup if I know I’m heading to the gym,(especially since the guys that work there have most definitely seen me at my worst already) but there are occasionally those times when I’ve been out and about in the day and still have some makeup on when I get there. A little embarrassingly I actually use this normally when I’m finished in the gym or just out of the pool as that’s when I see the remains of mascara running down my face and remember I should have taken it off, but either way this product is one that I’m always grateful I have in my bag. I have a couple of cotton pads in a small bag too that I have in my gym bag all of the time and it’s perfect for just clearing up my makeup streaks after a tough session! 

Next up is a trusty can of Batiste, because let’s face it, if there’s going to be any time you need some dry shampoo its going to be when you’re at the gym. I usually spray this into my roots before chucking my hair up into a high pony or bun before a workout or  swim (as I don’t like getting my hair wet) or even after I’ve come out of a circuits class to keep me feeling a little fresh for the journey home before I shower. It’s probably my most ride-or-die product that is constantly in my gym bag and one that I am always replacing – I could not deal with having to go into circuits without having spritzed my hair with this first! I’m not sure that it does work this way, but I always hope that it keeps my hair looking nicer for longer as I sweat away with the many burpees and press ups that they make us do! 

Another favourite that I like to keep in my gym bag is this tube of Biofreeze pain relieving gel. As I’m in the gym quite a lot, my body does sometimes take a bit of a beating and I absolutely love this for some quick relief when the pain just gets a little bit too much. I keep this in my gym bag so that I always know where it is and so that either myself or my dad can apply it when we need it. I’ve been using this for the last couple of weeks now and in my opinion it really does work miracles. I get quite a lot of pain my my right shoulder around the base of my neck and this stuff is just amazing for massaging in and giving me a little more movement back and relieving me of the pain. After this past week at McFly, it’s definitely been a bit of a life saver! It comes in a gel formula and is easy to just massage on to the area needing a little help. I might sound a little weird saying this, but I actually love the way that it feels on my skin, it’s so cooling and tingly and it really makes me think that something is working it’s little magic. It also smells incredible; definitely not everyones taste as it is quite strong, but I love it!

My BKR is also a staple in my gym bag. This glass water bottle is the perfect thing to take with me whilst I’m in the gym and is super handy for when I’m in a circuits class. It’s become my new go-to water bottle now as I find it’s just so much nicer to drink from than plastic bottles. The small neck and screw-on top with handle just make it really easy to access and drink from and it’s now always on me and full. To be honest, I use this around the house too to drink from most of the time as I just prefer it now! I love how the bkr’s are coated in these silicone sleeves too as it just makes them so much more interesting and fashionable than a boring old bottle (or is it silly that I think that way about something I drink water from?!). I can really understand why these are loved by celebs world round and can’t wait to get a couple more in different colours! 

Last but not least, my last holy grail gym product has to be my Mitchum deodorant. A little bit of a boring one, but I honestly could not live without this spray! As disgusting as it is, thanks to my daddy’s side of the genes, I can be quite a sweaty person without the right products to put it right and this is the only one I’ve found that makes me feel set for the day. I always have a can of this on me when I head to the gym to give me a re-fresh after I’ve showered and haven’t ever found one that I like more. I am a huge fan of the ‘powder fresh’ scent and it’s one that I am constantly repurchasing.

So there we go! Those are my 5 holy grail products that I couldn’t head to the gym without. I hope you’ve liked this post and it would be great to hear what other sorts of fitness posts you’d like to see. I’ve been thinking about doing a write up of some workouts I’ve been doing along with a couple of posts about what I eat before and after the gym, the supplements I use and how I keep motivated, so let me know if you’d like to see any of those or have any suggestions! My next fitness post should be my final update on my Results with Lucy journey, so make sure you’re following to keep up to date! 


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(*this post may contain items gifted to me for PR purposes*)