Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayons Review

For an inexpensive, high street brand, Sleek MakeUp are doing everything right at the moment. From their cream contour kits to their eyeshadow palettes of a million colours, Sleek just have everything covered and their latest release is nothing short of FAB either. Introducing Sleek’s new Power Plump Lip Crayons in six gorgeous shades. Designed with a little tingle in them to plump up your pout, these can take a bit of getting used to! The first time I tried them I actually thought I was allergic to them and rushed to get it all off as quickly as I could… turns out (after actually reading the press release) that they’re meant to tingle and I’m not allergic to them! Woo!

As always Sleek have created a product that almost everyone is going to love; the formulation is gorgeous and creamy and they’re pigmented really well. Lip crayons have been big on my list for quite some time now and I was so excited when I received this package through the door because I think it was about time a well trusted and hugely affordable brand created something this great that we can all get our mitts on. In my opinion they’re actually not too dissimilar from the NARS Satin Lip Pencils (you know, minus the tingly plumping quality that they have) and I love them for this. At £20 each the NARS lip pencils are most definitely not accessible to all and Sleek have really done well here to come up with such a great alternative.

The lip crayons themselves are the perfect size for applying on the lips, the nib is quite small, unlike some other chunkier lip crayons I’ve seen out there and makes life so much easier for colouring in between the lines! As I mentioned above the formulation is lovely too and not at all too sticky or too thick; it glides on lovely too with the creaminess of the product helping with the smooth application. These crayons are also sharpenable too which is an added bonus, something that I did not realise until I read the press release properly (duh). I always think that a sharpenable crayon is so much nicer than a twist up, purely because you kinda know how much product you’re going to get for your money!

All in all I am a massive fan of these Power Plump lip crayons and I really think they give other similar products out there a run for their money. The 6 colours in the range are to die for and cover almost every girls interests! For only £5.50 each you cannot go wrong! These are available online or in Superdrug stores! 


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(*This blog post contains products gifted to me for PR purposes*)