RWL Week 6/7 – The Honest Truth About How I’m Getting on…

So once again you may have realised that I have been missing out majorly on the whole blogging regularly thing. If you haven’t yet read my update post (which I’m not quite sure whether or not will be out before this on or not) then keep your eyes peeled for that one as it lets you in on all of my secrets as to where I’ve been these past couple of weeks! In a nutshell though, these past couple weeks have been quite difficult for me. I broke up with my boyfriend of almost two years and moved back home to Wiltshire to live with my parents again (which is a struggle in itself!). Because of all of that I’ve really not been in a very positive mood at all and I’m not going to lie to you and say that I’ve kept up with my Results with Lucy Program, because I haven’t. I took a solid three weeks off from eating healthy and doing much exercise because I really just was not in the mood. You know the feeling, a decision for the best or not, a breakup is still a break up and I just wanted to be around my friends and family and just heal for a while. For that reason I’m ashamed to say that I have pretty much lost all of the little definition in my body that I’d built up over the first couple of weeks and now I am going to have to work my ass off throughout the last half of this program to hopefully still see the results that I wanted way back at the beginning. I didn’t want to write this post though and tell you fibs of how everything is going really smashingly because its not. I wanted to give you the honest truth because, it’s not a very good review if I’m not honest with you all.


As of this week I have re-joined my favourite home town gym, been for a couple of swims and sessions with my dad and have started on the beginning of week 7 of my RWL HIIT Harder plan. I’ve missed a couple of weeks so the workouts have gotten a little harder from the off, but if I keep dragging myself back too far, I’ll never get the results I want. After all, you’ve got to work for what you want! No more late night McDonalds trips, no more bags of Dairy Milk Buttons just because and certainly not so much alcohol! I’m really hoping to get away on a last minute holiday soon so I am extra determined to get my body back to how it was before my break up and keep pushing myself to get the end results that I’ve always wanted. I have the time off now too whilst I’m focusing on my blog, so there’s really no more excuses to not work out, eat better and look after myself again!


I’m really sorry if this has been a bit of a rambling post, but I think I’ve needed it to just get everything out in the open. No more absences and secrets, just me being honest with you all again! I’d love to know how you are all getting on with your Results with Lucy plans if you’re following them! Let me know in the comments below and share some motivational bits to keep me moving!


What I’m wearing:

Pink Soda Reversible Snake Sports Bra

Pink Soda Snake Panel Tights

Adidas Pink Trainers (similar)