The Festival Look for the Non-Festival Girl

I think the only festival I’ve ever been to (aside from T4 on the Beach, of course) was Boardmasters. I was 17 and went with three girls that I thought were my friends. I wore uncomfortable denim shorts that gave me the biggest wedgie ever, had glow paint plastered all over my face and thought that my knee-high ‘school girl’ socks were the coolest things ever underneath my wellies. I spent most of the weekend alone after my friends left me to get drunk and I didn’t really like the experience at all (apart from seeing Ed Sheeran, of course). Let’s just say that that experience has left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth and I’ve never had a desire to go to a festival again since. And that doesn’t bother me at all, I’m not the kind of girl that is up for roughing it in a tent for a couple of days after spending a fortune for the privilege when I don’t even like half of the bands that are playing. I’d be more than happy to go to a one day event, like my beloved T4OTB  (I’m still so sad that got cancelled) but sadly for me that’s not on the cards this year and I’m still not too fussed on missing out. One thing I am slightly disappointed at is that I don’t get the excuse to wear the festival fashion. I’m a huge lover of everything in the shops right now and on Boohoo there are some absolute gems that I wish would be appropriate for day to day use, however, without the excuse of at least a day festival to go to (an invitation by anyone wanting to send me would not be declined) I thought I’d style my own ‘festival’ look that I can still wear around day-to-day.

For a festival I like to be comfortable in what I’m wearing; the denim hot pants were clearly a no no for me the first time around and so I thought why not just style something I’d normally wear. Being a huge fan of dresses at the moment (no idea where that love came from) I thought I’d pick up this gorgeous floral skater dress from Boohoo. At £20 it’s an absolute bargain and really good quality, I love how it flows nicely and yet still looks really flattering; I am a sucker for a well fitting dress and I can even go bra-less with this dress and not feel too exposed so that makes me really happy! I think this dress is perfect for me and my non-festival, festival style and along with the accessories it makes a great look! The Dream Catcher Necklace, also from Boohoo, stood out to me instantly when I was piecing together this outfit. It’s absolutely spot on for a statement festival necklace and I think it works really well with the dress and ring set. I love the dreamcatcher and how it’s much more of an interesting necklace than a single chain would have been. Again the mixed size engraved rings I’m wearing are also from Boohoo and I absolutely love these. I’ve never really been a midi-ring kinda gal, but this set is so cute that I couldn’t resist getting them to wear. I of course then had to pair this outfit with some killer shoes and my beloved Polaroid Aviator Sunglasses. My shoes are from Kurt Geiger and although probably really inappropriate for an actual festival, I think they work really well for my non-festival look! They are super comfy (as are all KG shoes) and look so so cool with the gold mirrored panel on the inside of the heel and the golden studs! I am so obsessed with them!

What do you think to my non-festival, festival look? Let me know what festivals you’re going / not going to this year and what your outfit inspirations are in the comments below! 


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*Some of the items in this post were gifted to me for PR purposes*


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  1. July 3, 2016 / 10:49 pm

    Great outfit! I'm actually drooling over your shoes and necklace. Those girls were definitely not your friends >.> What they did was so messed up.