Must Have Accessories for Summer

When it comes to summer fashion, you can never have too many accessories, but I always seem to revert back to the same selection every time it comes to packing my suitcase (click here if you need tips on this). It just seems to be universally accepted that women pack a lot when they go away. Men only have to take a handful of shirts and a couple of pairs of shorts and they’re good to go, but we have to think about beachwear, daywear, evening outfits, and then take accessories that go with each of them. Which is usually why we tend to cheat a little, and instead fall back on a few staple items that are the same colours and styles to tie completely different outfits together seamlessly. Without rambling on too much more here are my top choices…

Novelty handbags

Summer is when you can relax, let your hair down and have some fun, which is probably the reason why everyone has the urge to buy a novelty handbag. I’ve seen some really stunning ones in the shops recently too; from clutches that look like old-school phones, to plastic purses in the shape of watermelons with diamantes for seeds, and wicker cases in the shape of beehives with tiny little bees sprouting out of them. I’m not normally one to follow a trend when it is so novelty but with these handbags some of them are just too cute and fun to resist! My advice if you want to make sure that this is a purchase you don’t regret, is to go for a bag the same colour as the rest of your staple accessories. That way, you won’t just wear it once, but every day of your holiday. Or, if you’re really into buying a lot of them, hit up places like Primark as they have some beauties for a fraction of the price, so you don’t even have to feel bad about splashing the cash on something that you could look back on in 6 months time like ‘what the hell did I waste my money on’…

Charm bracelets

For me, Charm bracelets have always been a bit of a hit or miss but recently I’ve been loving wearing my jewellery on my arm. You don’t need something massive and out there (unless that your style) but even just something sophisticated and understated can still make a big statement. There are some stunning charm bracelet styles out there at the minute, such as the collections from ChloBo. If you’re looking for something a bit quirky, their Love Revolution collection could be right up your street; think flower power, smoky quartz and peace signs and you’re pretty much there. If you’re looking for something classic and elegant to complete your beach look on the other hand, then their new Luna Soul collection is one you should take a look at. Try mixing their griege Labradorite bracelets with the peach sparkle of the Aventurine gem bracelets.

Go big or go home

There are a few pieces that never go out of style, oozing that 1950s glamour and all you need to do is think big. Over-sized is in at the moment, and if you pair an over-sized sunhat with a pair of large-rimmed white sunglasses, you’re already on your way to being that summer fashionista. I always like to add a bomber jacket or a cover up or something over the top too, just something light to throw on; if you’re staying in this country for the season, then you can easily buy something a little thicker and wrap it up when the sun goes away. When you’re lying on an exotic beach however, a light wrap or coverup should keep the sun (and sunburn) off your shoulders during the day – and God knows I need this!

I hope you enjoyed this post on my summer must-haves. Do you have any accessories that you can’t do without on holiday? Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know.


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(*This blog post was written in Collaboration with ChloBo*)