How to get an Extra Boost with Clarins

I have always needed a little help when waking myself up in the morning; whether it be a million alarms, an extra nudge from Jordan or even a bucket of water over the head, it takes a while to get me moving! For this reason, when it comes to my morning skincare routine I always need that little something extra to perk me and my skin up and to get me refreshed ready for the day ahead. Clarins, as always, have been here to help me with this situation and have come to the rescue with their  new Boosters. Now, I was actually supposed to write about these like two months ago, but the silly girl that I am completely thought I’d already posted about how much I love them, when in reality it was in an email to Clarins… awkward. Anyway, these boosters have been helping me so much recently and I just needed to share the love!

As much as my favourite moisturisers (also from Clarins) are amazing at making my skin feel fabulous every morning, sometimes I do need something a bit more intensive to make me feel like my skin is fully revitalised and that I’m ready to face the day (especially after a night out). That is exactly what Clarins have created with these boosters; 3 concentrated formulas that easily mix in with your everyday moisturiser to give you that edge that your skin craves. I personally love to use the ‘Energy’ Booster mixed in with my Multi-Active Moisturiser for first thing when I wake up in the morning. The Energy Booster is designed to tone and re-energise the skin, minimise the appearance of fatigue (god knows that’s needed) and revives radiance and so it’s just the most perfect booster for me! I am, for unknown reasons, always tired and can never wake up as I’ve already said so it’s just great to have something else to help me feel a bit better! The other one of the Boosters that I have is the ‘Detox’ Booster which is designed to detoxify and plump the skin and restore radiance on dull complexions. I don’t use this booster as regularly as I do the ‘Energy’ booster, but I do love using this one of an evening with my night time Multi-active moisturiser because I feel like it works it’s magic over night whilst I sleep. That’s probably not what it does at all, but to me, I do feel like I see a difference in my skin when I wake up after adding this to my night time pamper.

I love how easy these boosters are to incorporate into your skincare and I think it’s so important to make sure that you’re giving your skin the right care and that you’re looking after it. For me, I wouldn’t have normally picked these up of my own accord, as when I first heard of them, I did think they sounded a little gimmicky, however I have been proved so wrong and really do love these now. For the amount of time it takes to quickly pop 2-3 drops of these boosters into your daily moisturiser before applying, there’s really no excuse not to use them to give your skin a boost! They are a little pricey at £30 each, however you get a full 30ml for that and barely use any of the product up each time you use it, so I definitely think they are great value for money if your skin is needing that little extra T.L.C.  You can pick these up at Clarins or at your nearest Clarins counter!


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