Florida Memories with Fujifilm & John Lewis

When planning our trip to Florida, I knew that I didn’t want to take my massive DSLR camera to capture the memories. With the Disney Photo Pass Plus app and having our phones on us, I didn’t think that it would be necessary to take a big bulky camera with us and risk breaking it or having to leave it when we got on rides. Obviously I wanted to make sure our trip was captured in photos so that we could remember how utterly amazing it was, but without a smaller camera to take, I wasn’t too fussed about having one. That was, however, until I was contacted by John Lewis a couple of weeks before our trip and was very kindly gifted a Fujifilm X70 Compact Digital Camera. I am so glad that I had this camera in time to take away with us and don’t think I quite realised how much I would have missed taking a camera with me until I got back and looked through all of the great moments I managed to capture. The Disney Photo Pass Plus was amazing and it made sure that we got a million and one pictures of Jordan and I on rides and walking around Disney, but it didn’t give us the photos we wanted to take ourselves or the photos outside of Disney such as in Universal. Having a handy compact camera with us made all of that so much easier and gave us some really great photos with amazing quality that we just wouldn’t get with our phones (no matter how good the camera technology in our phones is now).

The Fujifilm X70 camera is a gorgeous camera that is lightweight and compact and perfect for taking along to events or out and about with you. It’s my new favourite accessory and is so much easier than lugging around my huge DSLR everywhere. The X70 is a great camera with a 3-in-one lens that means that you get the benefits of a 28mm, 35mm and 50mm lens all within the one that comes attached to the camera’s body. This means that although the camera is a little pricier to begin with, there’s no additional charges later on when you want to buy more lenses. Which is perfect for us bloggers that probably don’t have too much cash to splash about.

The images this camera produce are just insane. Considering I haven’t yet quite figured out how to use all of the fancy-schmancy settings, even on automatic, this camera just takes pictures that are better than I expected. The Auto-Focus takes split seconds to fix on the subject of the photo, moving or not and leaves it looking crisp and sharp against a lovely blurred background. Exactly what us bloggers want for taking our snaps on the go; especially perfect for taking to blogger events! The X70 also boasts a super reactive touch screen and built in Wi-Fi meaning that this camera is a blogger’s dream! All of those selfies and event photos can be uploaded straight to twitter and Instagram without faffing around with transferring them onto your computer first.

Another feature of the X70 that I have been loving is the flip screen. I know a lot of other cameras have these now too, but in addition to all of the other great feature this camera has it’s just the icing on the cake and makes this camera the perfect blogging accessory. As my photos above show, the flip screen just makes it so easy for taking selfies and way better ones than my phone ever could too. It also makes it super easy to see over crowds at gigs and stuff; this wasn’t so much of an issue in Disney but when I attended Live at Leeds Festival it definitely came in handy! One thing that it definitely does help with though is vlogging! Now, I’m not saying that I’ve started or that I’ll be posting any vlogs soon, but I did dabble with filming a bit in Florida and the quality of video is incredible, especially for a compact camera. The image, as with the photos, is just so clear and the sound quality is pretty good too considering it’s a built in microphone.

I am so impressed with this camera and can’t tell you enough how handy it is to have around. Before I was so generously gifted with this Fujifilm X70 by John Lewis, I didn’t really think I’d need another camera, a smaller one compared to my Canon 700D, but I honestly don’t think I could live without this one now. It’s become my go-to for family photos and for all of my blogging needs and I can’t thank John Lewis enough for sending it over!


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*Some of the items in this post were gifted to me for PR purposes*