Disney World Photos!

I don’t think I’ve ever been as unhappy as when I stepped off of the plane home from Florida. I had the most magical time ever and I’m so sad that I’m now home and it feels like I’ve never been. The magic has definitely been lost since I’ve gotten back and I can’t stop flicking through all of our holiday photos to try and just get a little bit of it back. So basically, If you didn’t know by the title of this post or by how much I just went on and on about this holiday, myself and my boyfriend headed off to Florida for two weeks on the 14th May. We decided to stay in an out of Disney resort hotel as it was a tiny bit cheaper and gave us a bit more money to explore around Orlando with (or in my case more to shop with) and we had such an amazing time. Who says you can’t go to Disney World for two weeks at the ages of 21 and 23 without kids and not enjoy yourself? We had the best time ever and already want to go back again! I didn’t want to do too much with this post other than just show you some of our photos because we have literally so many and I am so happy with how they have come out! I have a couple more posts on how we planned everything and how we decided what to book coming up so keep your eyes peeled for those over the next couple of weeks if that’s what you are most interested in! 

So for our photos we actually had the Disney World Photo Pass Plus which is basically a package that you can pay for to have all of your photos stored on the App ready to download whenever you want. We actually had this included with our Disney Tickets when we bought them which was so convenient as the package is about $179 to buy (not a bad price at all though for what you get – we still would have paid for this). I’ll talk more about the whole package in my planning post but it is such good value for money and we ended up coming away with just over 500 photos of our Disney holiday taken by the official photographers. I am so happy with how they have come out and cannot wait to get them printed and put into our gorgeous new Disney photo album! 

Let me know what you think in the comments below – my favourites have to be the magic shots (where they photoshop in Disney Characters) and obviously when we met all of the characters! 


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