How I style Denim in Summer

If you’ve not been living under a rock recently you would have noticed that we have been having quite the peculiar weather. First it was a week of snow, then a week of the hottest weather all year and then torrential rain with a few extra sunny days thrown in. We have such wacky weather in the UK and I know that whenever we have a tiny bit of sun, most of us Brits whack out the Summer clothing like there’s no tomorrow. No matter how hot (or how cold) the temperature, if the Sun is out, the chance is, we’re all wearing shorts, Bardot tops and flip flops! For this post, I thought I would take a little inspiration from that mental mindset that us brits get into and show you how I style Denim for the Summer months! 

One thing that can make an outfit a little more weather acceptable is denim jeans. A good pair of Denim jeans is all you need when the weather is a little chilly, but the sun is out in full force! For this outfit I thought I’d start off with a pair of White Denim Jeans with rips in the knees. I actually don’t own any of these at the moment, I haven’t found the perfect pair of jeans with the right knee rips in for me, but this pair from Jacqueline De Yong at M&M Direct could be the ones! I picked white jeans because they just seem so much more summery; you’re covered with warmth, but still look ready for a Pimm’s in the pub garden! To pair with the white ripped jeans, I’ve chosen this gorgeous peach off-the-shoulder Bardot top from Topshop, I mean, you’ve got to have one way to catch a tan, right? This one is perfectly matched for my white jeans and goes really well with this gorgeous cut out, floral cross body bag from LYDC in baby pink. You may recognise this one from a previous style board that I did, but that’s just because I really love it, in both colours! 

Of course you can’t have an outfit like this without some amazing shoes and sunglasses, so I’ve picked out these beautiful tassel, cut-out sandals from River Island as honestly I just love the whole jeans and sandals look! They’re not that practical in rubbish weather, but when the sun’s out, they’re perfect! Then I had to go and pick my dream sunglasses. I don’t know why, because I just tease myself every time I look at these, but look at them! These Dior Sunglasses have the silver frames and rose gold lenses that just make them literally to die for and a perfect match for the rest of this summer outfit!

I love the items I’ve picked for this style and think it’s so easy to match denim for summer. M&M Direct have some great denim pieces at the moment at some really great prices and also have some lovely Jackets in to for when the weather get’s that little bitter cooler again (because we all know it will, it’s England after all!!).  Let me know in the comments what you would have paired with denim for a Summer style. Do you like these kind of posts? I know I’ve done quite a few recently, but I’m loving showing off my style a little more with these types of collages!


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*This post is in collaboration with M&M Direct*