How I Stay Motivated to workout

Keeping motivated with my workout routines is sometimes a little tricky. I get weeks just like everyone else where I just can’t be bothered and want to eat the world. Recently I’ve had one of those weeks. I finished the Results with Lucy plan that I’ve been on and haven’t gotten round to picking another plan to start yet and I think not having the set plan to workout at home to has stopped me from being motivated to jump up and do a work out when I’m not going to a class. So to get myself back in the fitness mood I thought I’d write a little post on what I do to keep me motivated when I’m in this kind of slump! As you may know, I’ve just got back from Florida (literally this morning) so getting back into my exercise is going to be a little tough I think. I’m hoping reading through this post will help get me motivated again!

Besides everything else, my ultimate fitness motivation has to be a picture of Nikki Blackketter. Now, If you’re not familiar with this beauty then take a trip over to her YouTube Channel where you will find an abundance of fitness videos, drool-worthy body goals and just overall be met with a lovely lady! I have a photo of Nikki as my phone background and so every time I click onto my phone I get reminded that that is my goal. To be lean, fit and toned just like Nikki. With me, it’s not impossible, I just need to put the work into making sure I’m eating right and exercising as I normally do… My goal is achievable and having her photo there just reminds me to not give up!

So, after staring at a photo of gorgeous Nikki, the first thing I do is make myself a protein smoothie. This may sound a little odd but when I have a smoothie packed with protein it makes me feel a little bit healthier. It makes me want to work out and feel healthier overall. For my smoothies I usually blend up 1 banana, a handful of frozen summer berries, two handfuls of spinach / kale (whichever I have in the house), half a handful of oats and then 1 scoop of my Strawberry Whey protein powder from Mini:V Nutrition with some water. It’s the yummiest thing ever and get’s me right in the healthy mood! 

The next thing on my motivation hit list is music. Apple have some great pre-made playlists on Apple Music at the moment that I’ve been loving. Specifically the one called ’60-Minute Workout’ which you can find under Activity Playlists. It’s got so many great, up-beat songs that get me so pumped up. I’ve been listening to these songs on the way to bootcamp recently and they just get me so ready for a tough session. I also like to play this at home when I’m trying to motivate myself to do an at-home workout and also when I’m doing the cleaning – it gets me working way faster!

I sometimes also like to do a workout as soon as I wake up. On a weekend if I know I want to do a workout I tend to try and get it done first thing. If I wake up, get my self a glass of water and change into my leggings and sports bra straight away then I always feel a little more productive. I also try and watch Gossip Girl on Netflix at the same time. I know it’s a little strange, but I’ve found that one episode is the perfect length for a warm up and the main exercise on Results with Lucy. Then I do my cool-down to a little bit of quiet so that I can properly relax afterwards and chill out before hopping in the shower. I also make myself some porridge after this to just keep myself in the healthy mode. It gets me so worked up and ready for the day and I always feel better after doing it. I sometimes struggle if I get up and do things throughout the day to then stop and get my exercise in. It’s the same with after work. If I don’t have a set class to go to then I like to try and workout as soon as I get through the door. Again, it means that I don’t sit down and start relaxing for the night before making myself work out.

Taking progress photos is another thing that massively motivates me! I recently found some photos from November 2014 (above) which made me feel so good about my body now. To put them next to photo’s from just a couple of weeks ago (before I went on holiday) it amazes me how far I’ve come and it keeps me so motivated to keep going. Knowing that in about a year and a half (with some months out around August-Dec 2015) I can achieve this much, just proves that I can do it when I set my mind to it. It keeps me determined to work harder, eat healthier and not give up and especially to not look like the photos on the left again!

Sorry this was a bit of a long post and a little bit all over the place, but I thought I’d just talk you through what keeps me going. My motivation levels change all the time; some weeks, I could be really into the gym and working out and eating healthy meals and some weeks I’m really not, so keeping my mood lifted and keeping myself going with the above does make all the difference. Just as long as you remember it’s okay to have a cheat meal or to skip the gym one day if you’re tired, you should be fine with dropping the weight, toning up and staying happy! I hope this post has helped some of you out and if not, let me know what keeps you motivated in the comments below!


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