My Foundation & Contouring Routine | May Routine

I know that I have recently posted an ‘All about that Base’ post featuring my favourite base products for March, but this month I’m coming at you with an updated version of what I slap on my face first, *cough* I mean, strategically place *cough*. With it now two months since that last post, I think I’ve definitely had a decent amount of time to have purchased and trialed all of these new products. I’m quite fickle when it comes to my base products and like to change it up every day, so for me to find four set products that I’m going back to day after day is quite an accomplishment!

Primer of the week is definitely the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer, from a brand that I’ve actually never tried before (bad beauty blogger). I actually stumbled across this when I was messing around with the foundations and my friend Hannah pointed this out and said ‘you need this’. I swatched it on my hand and instantly fell in love with how smooth my skin appeared. It felt creamy and dreamy and like a beautiful love child of my fave Porefessional from Benefit and the Maybelline Babyskin Primer which I’m actually not a fan of on it’s own. I love that this primer feels like it’s got silicon in (like Porefessional) and appears to cover my pores and give me such a flawless finish. I’ve noticed recently that my pores have been looking absolutely mahoosive and so a primer like this is just perfect for me. I barely us any product, one pump is more than enough for me to plaster over my face and for £12.99 for 30ml it’s so much better on the purse strings than my beloved Porefessional is for 22ml. Revlon was also on 3 for 2 at Boots so even better!!

The mentioned foundation that I was messing around with in Boots before Hannah distracted me with the primer was the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect Foundation and oh em effin gee where has this foundation been in my life?! I have struggled with drugstore foundations since day one of applying makeup and so I’ve always just bought more high end foundations, which as you can imagine is a little bit of a punch in the wallet when they don’t actually last all that long in comparison to the price. So when I started swatching this foundation on a whim I was super surprised when it sank into my skin and gave me such a flawless finish. It just made my skin glow and with a 3 for 2 offer on, I couldn’t say no. So I bought two of them. Yep, you heard me, I bought two foundations. I mean, technically one of them was free because of the Primer and you can never have too much foundation, right?! I’ve only been wearing this for the last week but it’s been the one that I’ve been reaching for religiously every day and I have been loving my skin for it! My skin has been looking so radiant and I 100% believe that it’s down to this foundation / primer combination from Revlon. I purchased shade 001 Ivory which is the perfect shade for me and that alone was a massive selling point as I normally can’t find a shade that matches me at all with drugstore foundations. I’ve first been buffing this into my skin with a brush that I bought off of Amazon, just a basic flat top brush, and then I’ve been blending it in with my damp Beauty Blender and it really has been giving me a flawless dewy finish that I have been absolutely loving!

For my contour I recently picked up the Topshop Beauty Contour Wand and have been absolutely obsessed with drawing onto my face and blending it in with my beauty blender. I’d never dabbled into the cream contour properly until recently and I really am loving the effect that it’s been giving me over a powder contour. The colour of this wand seems perfect for me and by using my beauty blender I feel that it looks so much more natural and that I actually have chiseled cheeks which after all is the end goal of contouring! I’ve tried bits of Topshop beauty before and been impressed but nowhere near as impressed as I have been with this contour wand. For this I literally just apply it straight from the ‘wand’ to my skin in a straight line below my cheek bone for that ‘sharp’ contour look and also then along my jaw line and my temples for a little bit more of a bronzed, chiseled look. I have been absolutely in love with my makeup so much recently since using this combination of products and in my head it makes me look incredible! I also then use my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer  as a highlight as it’s super cheap and I use so much of this product every day along my ‘highlight’ areas. I blend this in again with my beauty blender after I’ve done my contour blending to just perfect my base for the day. I mainly use this under my eyes, on my forehead, down my nose and on my cupids bow as I think that they are the areas that look super good when I’ve highlighted them!

I then set my base under my eyes and on my chin and forehead with a little bit of the Soap & Glory One Heck Of a Blot powder which I haven’t actually photographed because in all honesty my one was too dirty to grace the pages of my blog! But I have got a post coming up soon full of my three new S&G purchases so keep following for that one! Let me know in the comments what your base products are and what you’d count as your holy grail products!


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