What’s In My Carry On? | Long Haul Flight Essentials

As I type this, it is currently now under a month until I set off to Manchester Airport and board my 9 hour flight to Florida for two weeks of non stop fun and all things Disney in Orlando. This is my first post in a series of Travel blog posts for this trip and I know that by now you’re probably already sick of me going on about how excited I am to get going (especially if you follow me on social media)! One of the main things that I’ve been thinking about for the longest time since booking our trip has been what I’m going to take on the plane. I am one of the worlds worst packers and always imagine myself taking barely anything but by the time it comes to packing I always realise that I can never pack light! So for this post I’ve managed to narrow down my in-flight carry on items to the essentials and thought I’d share them with you all!

My Carry On

First things first I thought I’d show you the bag that I am taking on my fight. I like to take a slightly large bag to the airport with me to make sure that I’ve got room for other bits and pieces should I pick anything up at Duty Free or any snacks before I fly. I also like to make sure that my bag is easily accessible when I’m at the airport so the bag that I have chosen to take with me is absolutely perfect for that too. The bag I will be taking with me is the LYDC Lulu Traveller Tote which is a large PU tote bag with a zip fastening all along the top and two internal pockets. I am obsessed with the print on this bag as it’s so girly and perfect for spotting amongst the many other bags in the overhead compartments. It’s the perfect size and I actually love that the measurements are clearly displayed on the website because that made sure that before I chose it I could check with Virgin Alantic to make sure that it complied with the Carry on baggage requirements – amazing!

Documents & Money

Since this trip is my first big trip away on my own (you know without the ‘rents) I thought it was time to start looking after my travel documents properly. For keeping my passport, boarding pass, flight documents and a little bit of cash in I have very generously been sent this Ted Baker Coral Travel Document Holder from Amara Living. I literally fell in love with this as soon as I saw it and couldn’t have picked anything prettier out if I had tried. It’s so perfect to keep all of my important documents in and will be easily found in my massive bag with it being so beautifully neon pink. As with all of Ted Baker bits the hardware on this is rose gold too which makes me super happy! This Document Holder also comes with a little rose gold pen too ready for any situations where you may need to sign something or write down any information which I definitely think sets this one aside from the rest too when I was choosing from the selection  that Amara have on their site, it’s super handy and just perfect for travelling to America as if  I remember correctly there are some forms you need to fill out on the plane before you land.

As obviously America have a different currency to us and I’m not going to want to be taking my usual purse with me as it’s jam packed with all of my loyalty cards and such, I will also be taking this LYDC Lulu Traveler Purse with me. This is in the same print as my carry on tote and is the perfect size for storing my American Dollars in and some little  bits of loose change. It’s not bulky at all and so will also be perfect for carrying around in the theme parks as I don’t want to really be taking much with me at all then.

Sun Glasses

Sunglasses are a big love of mine and I can’t help but always fall in love with new pairs so I’m not just taking one pair to Florida with me; however I will only be taking one ‘main’ pair with me in my carry on. These babies are my new Polaroid Sunglasses: the PLD1017S Rose Gold Polarised Aviators to be precise.  I chose these frames as they are my favourite aviator style (perfect for covering my tired eyes from many late nights at the parks) and are also Polarised, meaning they will be much better for my eyes than your bog standard pair from Primark for £2. Polaroid are a brand that many people may know about because of their cameras, but they’re also up their with the greats for their sunglasses. This pair is only £45 which I think is an absolute bargain in the world of designer frames, especially since they are so much better for your eyes being Polarised. You can check out the Sunglasses Shop website to find out more information on the benefits of Polarised Sunglasses, but basically it minimises the types of reflective light that can penetrate the lenses and get into your eyes. I’m not totally sure if I 100% understand, but I definitely know that they’re better for me than a pair that aren’t polarised and that’s good enough for me. I’m a big advocate for sun protection and the first step in that has always been a decent pair of sunnies!


Now obviously on a long haul flight like this there will be quite a lot of in-flight entertainment on those cute little tv’s that they have in the back of the seats. Being Virgin, I know that their range of films and tv shows are actually quite good and so I should be sorted for most of the flight along with having a nap in between. Because of this I don’t really plan on taking much in terms of entertainment tech with me except of course from some headphones and my phone! I’ll be taking two lots of headphones with me just because my ears get quite tired of in-ear headphones quite quickly and I don’t want to have to be dealing with painful ears on a flight that long. So because of this I’ll be taking my trusty Apple headphones that came with my phone and also a pair of Skullcandy Crusher Headphones  that I bought on a whim just over a month ago as they vibrate with bass-heavy music and that really excited me! You can see why I never have any money as I’m easily tempted to buy! Of course, I’ll also be taking a phone charger and my U.S Plug adapter!


Of course I couldn’t pack my Carry On without including some beauty products! I will obviously have a makeup bag in there too with some bits and pieces in in case my suitcase is delayed but that will be in a separate post for you soon! My must have bits (beauty and skincare wise) will be the ones in the photos above. Nine hours is a long time to be up in the air with bad air conditioning and other people’s germs and so pampering my skin is a must! The first item is the Neals Yard Remedies White Tea Facial Mist, a must have for keeping my skin hydrated whilst on the plane (and will double up perfectly for cooling me down when walking around the theme parks). I find that facial mists are great for just spritzing on every couple of hours to keep me feeling fresh and this one from NYR smells amazing! Secondly I have the Clarins HydraQuench Bi-Phase Serum which is supposedly amazing for re-hydrating ultra thirsty skin. Perfect for when I’m high in the clouds in the drying air, this serum is designed for restoring the skin’s natural hydration and radiant appearance. I’ve actually used this a couple of times recently and it seems perfect for popping in my carry on and using on the plane every now and again!

I definitely couldn’t leave the UK without a mini can of Batiste dry shampoo! This is the perfect size to throw into my carry on and freshen my hair up as I step off of the plane. It’s also the perfect size for me to then carry around the parks. Next is this Palmer’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Healthy skin, I’m not actually entirely sure what this is meant to be for, but I’m going to be taking this with me to use as a hand cream as my hands always get super dry when i’m flying. The Clarin’s 50+ Sun Wrinkle Control Cream for Face is the next must-have in my carry on. Even though I’m going to be arriving at around 5pm local time, I never know how sunny it’s going to be or whether my luggage will be delayed (preparing for the worst here) and I burn like there’s no tomorrow so a mini, high-factor sun cream is an absolute staple! This Clarins one is designed specifically for the face and is super light weight.

For my lip balm I’ve opted for my Dr PawPaw Beauty Balm, which is absolutely amazing at keeping my lips full of moisture and also doubles up as a balm for all over the skin. The universal uses for this balm is the reason why I’ve decided to pack this one over many of my other favourites, but I just think that for one product that has so many possibilities, you can’t really go wrong! Last but not least I’ve packed my Neal’s Yard Remedies, Remedies To Roll travel tube. This is designed to relieve headaches, improve circulation and create a sense of calmness throughout travel; just simply roll this across your pulse points and sit back and relax. Specifically designed for long haul travel I think this will definitely come in handy!

Let me know what you’d usually take in your carry on bag or if you think I’m missing anything in the comments below! I can’t wait for these next few weeks to hurry up for me to get jetting off!


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