T3 Pink Compact Travel Hairdryer

 When travelling abroad (and packing my suitcase for travelling abroad) I often wish I could take a couple of items that will make my life a little easier when I’m there. I’m not talking the full kitchen sink here but I am thinking more along the lines of some home comforts that I just can’t live without when I’m at home, let alone when I’m on holiday. One of those items is a hairdryer; I am in love with my hairdryer at home, which funnily enough was actually my boyfriend’s originally and was so much better than mine, so I nabbed it. It does such a great job of drying my hair quickly, which for all the long-haired girls out there, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say that that was a must have feature. From a good 30 mins down to about 10-15; it’ll be a sad day when that one dies! However, as much as I love that hair dryer, it’s just not really practical to take on holiday with me. I know there will be hair dryers in my hotel but honestly the only experiences I’ve ever had with hotel dryers have always been bad ones so I do prefer to take my own one with me now.

I’d been struggling for a while to find one that I really liked enough to part with my money for and then I got an invite to a launch party in London for a new compact hairdryer from T3. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend but the PR Company were generous enough to send me one to test out and I have to say it must have been fate because it is the perfect one to take on holiday with me! The T3 Featherweight Pink Compact Hairdryer is first of all, baby pink, so do I really need to say any more? It’s also super lightweight (sorry featherweight) meaning that it doesn’t add any extra unneccessary weight to my luggage and as the name suggests, compacts to a much easier size for travelling! As you can see in my photos above, there’s a hinge at the top of the handle that allows it to fold in on itself, it makes it so much easier to pack away and is perfect for folding up into my suitcase.

As for power this hairdryer is pretty good at what it does. I wouldn’t say it’s as powerful as my trusty Remmington one, but for one that folds down and is easy to travel with it’s definitely way up there above the ones provided in hotel rooms! I’ve used this to dry my hair multiple times over the last couple of weeks and it does quite a good job of it. Considering how thick my hair is, it actually doesn’t take too long to dry compared to my Remmington, probably around 15-20 minutes, but within 10 it’s probably acceptable to go out with! The temperatures on it are perfect, with the hottest it goes being nowhere near scalding like some hair dryers I’ve tried in the past. I like this a lot more than those types because with how long I have to sit with this next to my head the last thing I like is when I get a burnt scalp! Hairdryers can often be far too hot for my liking and T3 have hit the nail on the head here with the perfect temperature. There’s also a cool setting which I really like too; for many years I always though the cool temperature was ridiculous but it actually helps set the hair into place once you’ve finished drying so it’s great that even though this one is small and compact-able that they haven’t removed that feature.

The T3 FeatherweightPink Compact Hairdryer is such a saviour for my holiday in 2 weeks time! It’s a little pricey at £125 but if you’re a frequent traveler or don’t mind the splurge on a decent hairdryer for at home and away then this one is definitely for you! What do you think about taking a hair dryer on holiday with you? Would this be something you’d think of purchasing?


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