Results with Lucy Final Thoughts & Photos

Results With Lucy Review Progress photos

It’s now the beginning of my sixth *official* week of my Results with Lucy Program, however as I’m writing this it’s actually a week before this post should go live so technically I guess I’m now at the end of my week 6 exercises. I’ve had a little bit of a week of not eating quite as well as I could have been but with how much I’ve been working out my progress thankfully has still been quite good. I’m loving how my body is looking and am still loving the Results with Lucy workouts which is great as by now I am usually bored of a set plan. I’ve even started prepping my meals in advance for the week and have been stepping out of the box a little bit with the kinds of meals that I’m making. 

As the weeks have progressed I have noticed more and more of a change within my body and also how I have been feeling. The Results with Lucy workouts have been amazing and I have absolutely loved how they have gotten slightly harder each week, it’s meant that my workouts have been interesting and not at all repeptive. Before I started the Results with Lucy Beach Body plan I’d always had my doubts about an online subscription like this. I was dubious that it could actually work and was under the impression that it was just another celebrity endorsed gimmick, however I was completely wrong and now cannot recommend Results with Lucy enough. Over the past couple of weeks, through doing my workouts, following the meal plan and seeing how active Lucy is on her twitter and on the live workouts I’ve completely fallen in love with the site and am now looking at the other plans to see which I could complete afterwards. With my holiday now only 19 (?!?!?!) days away I’m even more determined to keep my body in shape so that I look good in my shiny new bikinis! ( I wish they were actually shiny)…

So the thing you’re probably all wanting to see now is my final set of photos. Now I have to admit that at the beginning of this past week I was super down on myself for how I’ve been looking and feeling after my binge at the weekend and so this week I’ve stepped it up again to try and get back to the happy place that I was before the Peanut M&M’s and Fruit Pastels cast their spell on me. It’s been working well and I’ve been feeling a little happier again and starting to feel improvements again already. I’m not entirely sure how I actually looked this past weekend or whether I put on any weight or not but in my head I felt like I’d put on at least 7 stone… Obviously I didn’t, but that’s how it felt to me. I felt bad about eating the sweets, but I didn’t punish myself for it and I’m proud of myself for that! So here they are, here are my Results With Lucy final photos. I really hope that you can see the differences that I can! I feel so much more confident and would happily wear a bikini on the beach now without feeling self conscious. I’m still not 100% where I want to be, but over the last 6/7 weeks I’ve definitely made an incredible difference in how I feel, look and act and I am super happy with it. I can start seeing definition too which I am super excited about!

Results With Lucy Before and After Progress Photos

Results With Lucy has been an amazing program to follow and the workouts and meal plans / recipes have been great. I’ve been recommending it to everyone and I am completely meaning it when I say I’m going to be looking at other programs on the site to keep myself going. However, I understand that I am a very fitness focused person, what with all of the classes that I also go to, so if you still don’t quite think that this is the right thing for you, just pop over to the Results With Lucy Twitter and join in with one of their live workouts. I think for the past couple of weeks these have been on a Tuesday at 8pm (which unfortunately I miss due to Bootcamp) but they’re such a great workout and are just like the ones on the site, so no gimmicky free trial rubbish here and you can fully test it out and see if this will work for you. Perfect!

I just want to take this time now to thank the team over at Results With Lucy for letting my try this plan out, again if you want to do the specific plan that I tried, just keep your eyes peeled as I think it should be launching soon! Let me know in the comments how you’re getting along with your fitness plans and what you’re doing to keep yourselves motivated as we come closer to Summer!



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