#EatPastaRunFaster with Vapiano Manchester

As you may know recently I have been stepping up my fitness game dramatically (try 4 intense sessions already this week!) and I have been struggling a little bit with incorporating some of my favourite meals into my healthy eating routines. I’ve been following the Results with Lucy eating plan recently and have been loving the healthy recipes, but one thing that it’s definitely lacking has to be pasta dishes. I am a huge foodie and pasta has always been and will always be one of my favourite things to eat, however when you’re trying to lose a bit of weight or tone up there’s a bit of a misconception that it’s a no-go! I recently received an email from Vapiano’s in Manchester saying that they want to get rid of this idea and show us all how we can eat Pasta healthily as part of  a balanced meal when training. Of course, to me this was like telling me I’ve won the lottery (well, not quite, but you get the idea) and I was so excited to take a look at their meal plan and pop down to try out the menu!

Last night Jordan and I walked over to Vapiano’s and were greeted by the Manager for a little walk around and explanation of how things work in the restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a little different to every other restaurant and I really loved the way things work. Basically when you arrive you are given a little card (like the one above) and you use this as a contactless card every time you pop up and order something to eat or drink and then you pay for your meal at the end on your way out. It’s a really cool idea and means that you have total control of when you eat your meals and how long you wait between each course. At Vapiano’s you choose what you want to eat and then for each course go up to the designated station and have your food cooked fresh in front of you. It’s now my all time favourite way of ordering my food and I love how when you’re up there the chef’s ask if you want to add any extra meats or veg into your dishes. It’s a great way to order food and so nice to see your food cooked fresh. They also use fresh pasta that they make in-house which I love! The pasta that I had in my dish was probably the best pasta that I’ve ever tried!

So the #EatPastaRunFaster campaign is one that’s been designed by Dr Sarah Schenker in collaboration with Vapiano and is designed to show you that you can eat pasta (and a healthy amount of it) to keep you going whilst you exercise. It is designed with runners in mind (around the 5-10K level) however I think that with how much I exercise, it would also work well for me. You can find all of the details on the campaign on the Vapiano Website  along with a detailed meal plan that you can follow and try for yourself!

Last night myself and Jordan went to sample some of the meals that Vapiano offer and of course, I had to try one of the pasta dishes that was recommended on the meal plan! For starters I decided to go for something completely out of the box for me and ordered a Strawberry Salad. Yep, you heard me right, a salad filled with strawbs (no sadly not the Haribo faves)! This was a mix of Spinach, strawberries, pine nuts and goats cheese (which it turns out I’m not the biggest fan of)  and a strawberry sauce and my god, it was absolutely delicious. I’d never heard of strawberries in a salad before and it definitely made my meal that little bit more exciting. For mains I had the Pesto Basilico which is one of the dishes that was recommended on the #EatPastaRunFaster meal plan and it was so good. Like, so good. The fusilli that I had was such a lovely dense twirl and it was so filling. The portions were so generous for the price and it was such a yummy dish! I honestly am going to try and make this myself as it’s such a great alternative to a tomato pasta and hey, if it’s okay to eat on my diet then who am I to argue with that?! I obviously finished it all, no matter how much it was filling me up, but my boyfriend actually struggled to finish his Tagliatelle dish which is most definitely not like him!

 We had such a great night out at Vapiano’s and even though I let myself over-indulge on this occasion with a desert and some drinks, I really do think that an evening / lunch meal at Vapiano’s would be a great addition to a healthy diet. It’s the lovely balance of being able to eat out when you are trying to eat healthy that I’ve been looking for for quite some time now and I’ve been pleasantly surprised! The team at Vapiano’s Manchester were absolutely lovely, so friendly and made our experience there really great. We will definitely be going back soon!


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*My meal was free on this occasion for PR purposes*