Body Confidence & New Label Lab Gym Wear from House of Fraser

For most of my life I have had some serious body confidence issues; Just like any young girl my age I’ve struggled to be okay with my body and I’ve felt super deflated some days with how I’ve looked or felt in my clothes. Even going makeup free was a big ask for me once I’d finally given into the peer pressure of wearing a full face to school everyday. A couple of years ago I decided that enough was enough and to try and banish my body confidence issues by joining the gym and I honestly haven’t looked back since. It’s sad that I couldn’t be happy with the body that I had but I honestly haven’t felt this confident and good about myself in such a long time. Being body confident is something that a lot of girls struggle with and to be at a point now where I can say that I feel body confident is something I’m hugely proud of. I work hard every day to eat healthy and workout to be comfortable in my skin and I’m so proud of myself for it. 

Apart from training hard with Darren at Warrior Camp and working out to my Results With Lucy workouts and eating healthier, I think one of the main aspects of feeling good with myself is the clothes that I wear. Being more body confident has an impact on the clothes I feel comfortable wearing in my everyday wardrobe but when I work out the tables are turned and my workout wear definitely has an impact on how I feel in myself. Some of my favourite new pieces to wear are these two bits from Label Lab at House of Fraser. I especially love the Kisaiya Marl sports bra because it’s pink, super comfortable and padded so you don’t get the awkward nip showing through moment! These Marl leggings are also the most comfortable pair of leggings I think I own and suck me in so much! I feel like I can conquer anything whilst wearing them. The high waisted look is always one I go for when I’m picking out gym wear and these ones caught my eyes even more by having these figure hugging patterns down the sides. I find these patterns so flattering and make me feel even more toned when I look in the mirror! My clothing has a lot to say for my body confidence and I will definitely be getting some more pieces from Label Lab in the future. As you can see from my photos below, they’re perfect for exercising in and super stretchy for all of the kinds of animal-esque movements I do at bootcamp, which is sometimes a little difficult to find in a decent pair of workout / fashion leggings if I’m honest! In my experience, not all pretty fitness wear is actually good for exercising in but these bits are perfect! Although I must say that the sports bra isn’t as supportive as I’d like for the size of my boobs when running, but for when I’m doing weights in the gym it’s great! These pieces have made me feel invincible in the gym and when I’m exercising and for great prices too!


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