6 Tips for the best Fake Tan!

One of the things that I promised myself (and Jordan) when we first moved to Manchester was that I would start fake tanning more. Being from a little town in the middle of nowhere there was really no need for me to fake tan or for me to feel the need to hide my pale, so I promised myself that I would become more of a ‘better’ girl when I moved. That didn’t really happen straight away and so now that I am finally getting into my groove with tanning more often I thought that I would do a tip and tricks post for how I get my best fake tan!

Tip 1:Exfoliate and shave beforehand

So I know this is probably the most basic tip ever and it’s probably number one on everyone’s tan tips but it is the most crucial! The last thing you want when you’re trying to tan is hairy legs and patchy knees and elbows! I absolutely love using Lush’s Rub Rub Rub along with a single exfoliation glove (who’s got time for putting on two gloves) as I find that this is the best way to exfoliate my skin ready for the tan (and to get rid of my tan).

Tip 2: Moisturise

I would 100% recommend that you do this the day before. Moisturising just before you tan (especially on your knees and elbows) can actually make your tan stick there more. I’ve heard controversial things about moisturising but from my experience, softening your skin the day before always has the best results for my tan!

Tip 3: Use Vaseline!

Vaseline is my absolute go-to for when I am tanning. I pop a little bit of this over my fingernails and toe nails and across my lips just so that the tan doesn’t stick to those parts of my body. Fake tan can be tricky business if you get it where it shouldn’t be and so vaseline is a godsend for making sure that it doesn’t stain where it shouldn’t be.

Tip 4: Use a double sided extra soft mitt

This might sound like a little bit of an odd one, but I personally use the Cocoa Brown Double sided Velvet mitt and find that it’s the nicest thing ever to apply my tan with, you can also get one from Sienna X if you can’t find the Cocoa Brown one anywhere as it can be quite difficult to find. I absolutely love the velvet finish and find that it allows my tan to glide on so so well and having it double sided makes doing my back so much easier when Jordan isn’t around! Yes, I shove a hair brush in my mitt and flap around trying to tackle the patches with the help of my mirror!

Tip 5:  Leave your tan on for a decent amount of time!

I cannot stress this enough. The amount of time you leave on your tan (especially if you use rapid tans) is crucial. When I first started using 1 hour tans I literally left them on for just one hour and I was always so disappointed with how I looked afterwards. When I tan I feel like I want a dramatic tan and when I was first experimenting with rapid tans I didn’t really know how dark they would be. I now leave my tans on for around 2-3 hours of development and then wash off the remainder and I love the colour that it leaves me. My best advice here is just trial and error and see what works for you!

Tip 6: Don’t use deodorant!

Never use deodorant after you’ve just tanned. Your armpits are a tricky area to get correct anyway and applying deodorant straight after you’ve tanned is never really wise. Leave it over night and then get up fresh in the morning and shower / add your deodorant as normal. Believe me, it makes all of the difference and has a big effect on how tanned / white your pits are in  the long run!

So that’s it! Those are 6 of my top tanning tips for you all! As I start tanning more I think I’ll probably pick up some more tips so will share them soon with you all! This post has kindly been in collaboration with Capital Hair and Beauty (including another link) who are the UK’s largest salon suppliers so make sure you pop over to their site to have a look at their amazing tanning products including Sienna X and Crazy Angel and also all of the beauty and hair products they have too. Let me know what your top tanning tips are in the comments below!


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