Results With Lucy | Week 2 Update & Progress Photos

Okay, so I’m actually 3 weeks in to this plan, but due to one messy weekend and a week of being ill I decided to go back to the beginning of week 2 to do this properly. After all, I’m reviewing this plan for you lot too and I’m determined to get my beach body ready for my Disney holiday, which is now only 48 days away (not that I’m counting). So week 2 has been even more successful than my first week of following the Beach Body plan on Results with Lucy, I’m really enjoying the workout that’s been designed for the second week and I’ve been looking forward to getting up and working out. Week 2 has a different video for the days you’re supposed to exercise and the workout has definitely stepped up since the first week, but it’s still not too demanding (which is perfect). According to my personal trainer (who I see once a week) I’ve lost an inch on my waist and hips since starting this plan and I already feel much healthier and can see slight changes in my body which I’m loving! I definitely think a lot of it is in my mentality too,  I feel better, feel fitter and feel more confident overall. 

One of the main things I’ve been loving from Results with Lucy over the past two weeks has been the ‘Eat Well’ section, which is full of recipes and meal plans to go along with my Beach Body program. I’m a very fussy person and when I first started this I thought that this would be another meal plan that I just wouldn’t follow, however I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how nice the meals are. It’s not a plan full of fancy food; it’s a plan that’s full of food that everybody eats. Healthy recipes of family favourites and easy meals that are quick to prepare. I’m a fan of cooking in the moment and not having to prepare for meals a day or so in advance; as much as my boyfriend loves his slow cooker, I prefer to cook as I go. The Results with Lucy recipes are absolutely gorgeous and I’ve definitely been a little more daring with what I’ve been cooking. One of my favourite meals to cook is surprisingly actually porridge for breakfast. Considering I was a girl who didn’t even eat breakfast, I’ve been loving getting up a little earlier and whipping myself up a bowl of Banana Porridge. It’s super tasty and the perfect meal to get my metabolism moving. I’ve also been loving cooking the oat covered chicken that I showed you last week! I just want to point out though that as much as I am trying to stick to the actual meal plan for my Beach Body program, I am sometimes deviating from the path and cooking my own meals. I still take these from the RWL ‘Eat Well’ section, but I’m definitley not a lover of fish, or even a liker of fish for that matter, so for meals where it suggests I eat fish I tend to search for a similar meal-type on the website and cook that instead. I’m finding using the plan as a guideline and not a strict diet is keeping me much happier and I’m wanting to stick to it a lot more!

Now for the Results! I started this program on 7th March and the photos from March 7th can be seen in the ‘before’ section of the collage above. These photos were taken before my first workout and before I started eating with the RWL meal plan and recipes and I’m not going to lie, I was unhappy looking like this. I want to just reiterate that I am aware that I am by no means fat or overweight, but I didn’t feel comfortable, I felt like I was chubbier than I’ve been for quite some time and I just wasn’t happy in myself. Since being on this plan and exercising with the RWL videos (and of course my bootcamp and pt session each week – which I go to for social reasons and to incorporate more weights into my routine) I’ve seen such a difference in myself. I also just want to point out that although I do also go to bootcamp and a personal trainer once a week, I was doing this before I started my Beach Body plan. My point is that yes I go to those sessions, but I still wasn’t happy in myself and I really think that RWL has helped me take that leap that I need to change my lifestyle and become healthier, happier and all together fitter. I’ve been told time and time again that it’s 80% what you eat and after these past 2/3 weeks I can definitely say I agree 100%. The second two photos in the collage before were taken earlier this week, on the 22nd to be precise and I am so happy to say that I can already see and feel a slight difference. My stomach is visibly a little less dimply (if that’s even a word) and I feel like I’ve got a little more shape back in my figure. I know it’s not a huge difference, but for two weeks work, I’m incredibly happy with where I am and that I’ve got a little less ‘podge’. 

The best difference by far though is how I feel in myself. I no longer feel like I constantly have no energy and I feel more confident. I’m wearing clothes that I wouldn’t have done over the last few weeks and I’m seeing a difference in the way I feel in those clothes. For such a short amount of time since I started, I’m pleasantly surprised with the results so far and I really can’t wait to keep going and see the results at the end of this six weeks. I honestly can’t recommend Results With Lucy enough right now! 

You can sign up and search for your perfect plan here or try the free trial here! Have you been following any exercise / meal plans recently? How are you getting on with your journey?


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